I’M A rEal gAMer

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2022.01.19 05:28 Icescorcher4242 I’M A rEal gAMer

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2022.01.19 05:28 Fearless_Amphibian_8 Provjerite imate li znakove živčanog sloma!

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2022.01.19 05:28 Bran37 Nalcıoğlu, member of the "Presidential" Economic Committee of Tatar: “I support the annexation of Cyprus as a whole to Turkey, which is the real owner of Cyprus"

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2022.01.19 05:28 LovroBubanic Wishlist "Lupa" on Steam now! The store page is up. Upcoming on Steam.

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2022.01.19 05:28 Laws_Laws_Laws Finally decided: Abbey Road is the greatest album of all time.

It’s hard to describe this masterpiece. The nuance. The white album by sheer volume and great songs and how raw it is was always a tossup with Abbey Road… But listening to Abbey Road just now. It’s absolutely mind blowing. No other rock album even gets close.
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2022.01.19 05:28 BobertFlay153 2 free premium trials

I got my inspire 2 a year ago and when I got it activated it came with premium installed for a year. Well my year just ended but fitbit is saying I can start free trial for another year so I did that. It said it won't charge me until 2023 but I'm convinced this is just some glitch and will charge my card eventually.
Has this happened to anyone else?
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2022.01.19 05:28 noctupus Prolifer psychopathy

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2022.01.19 05:28 Sameride Going from 60mg to 120mg

Anyway so I'm at week 7 of a stable 60mg dose and it's been working, but I've started thinking about going up for more relief and energy. Has anyone that has done the same experienced a lot better results?
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2022.01.19 05:28 iamcalifw 💥 METADAO Just stealth launched 1 minutes | No Airdrop | Metaland DAO-based team and rapidly growing community |KYC In Progress | CG/CMC incoming | Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎

MetaDAO decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Telegram : https://t.me/metadaogroups
Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳
Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together.
This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit. Come join us now!
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 100,000,000,000,000
✅ Slippage : 0%
Telegram : https://t.me/metadaogroups
✅Contract: 0x324e4705d46689b2b8756a7224758bd27932e980
✅Pancakeswapv2 : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x324e4705d46689b2b8756a7224758bd27932e980
✅ Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0x324e4705d46689b2B8756A7224758Bd27932e980
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2022.01.19 05:28 Deus__Vultt Anyone on PS4 wanna do some brawls?

Either comment or DM your PSN and we can play. I suck booty tho
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2022.01.19 05:28 sieeh 😎💵💵

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2022.01.19 05:28 Arnadus [TFUEL] Theta Fuel. Price 🔥 +3.9% in 5 minutes [+ 1 other]

[TFUEL] Theta Fuel. Price 🔥 +3.9% in 5 minutes [GODS] Gods Unchained. Price 🔥 +1.7% in 5 minutes Discovered by TOP_250_15_MIN_UP submitted by Arnadus to cryptopricesalerts [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 05:28 LoveMangaBuddy Read Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet - Chapter 248 - TrueManga

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet “How perverted is Si Ye Han’s taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second. Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape ... Read Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet - Chapter 248 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/perfect-secret-love-the-bad-new-wife-is-a-little-sweet/chapter-248
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2022.01.19 05:28 No_Lingonberry_6232 Do these run big? Details in comments.

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2022.01.19 05:28 BeatoSalut The Big Business of Uyghur Genocide Denial

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2022.01.19 05:28 VexenMexen Asides from learning RAR and attack canceling, what are other tricks worth practicing that applies to all characters?

Asides from learning RAR and attack canceling, what are other tricks worth practicing that applies to all characters? Some technical stuff maybe?
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2022.01.19 05:28 NomDeSpite Someone's been sleeping in my bed!

It's me. Because, like, it's my bed.
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2022.01.19 05:28 IcierHelicopter #GE5 [LIST] National Will Reduce Taxes for Working Class Kiwis

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2022.01.19 05:28 Alexander_Timofeev Now It Can Happen

I don't know and don't want to make theories about what exactly happens with Boruto: whether he dies and there is funeral, or something happens so that they can't even bury him. Is he revived by Jougan or by Karma, that he maybe already placed on Sasuke, and so on. Or he doesn't die at all but gets lost.
But the only most obvious possibility that I consider right now is this: now he finally can travel with Kashin Koji. Which will make a strong reference to Naruto-Jiraya travelling, but in completely different way.
Imagine how poetic it will be, if Kashin Koji somehow finds Boruto alive, on the border of death, or him as a stranger who lost his memory - and suddenly KK wants to help him exploring this world from another side, at the same travelling the same routes as a pesonality, on whose DNA Kashin Koji is based.
Furthermore, he can tell a lot about his past, his work with Amado to Boruto, and considering that Amado managed to place new Karma on Kawaki, KK can tell more about it: was it in their plans from the very start, or Amado is playing completely new game?
The only thing that I don't like here is that Boruto must learn Kenjutsu - and obviously not from Kashin Koji. But I think we know at least one person that is (most likely) familiar with KK and can teach him kenjtusu...
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2022.01.19 05:28 Something-ology It better be...

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2022.01.19 05:28 Hesanka_99 Maru habay

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2022.01.19 05:28 Young-Jeezy My boss asked me to close this weekend

I’ve closed every one of my shifts these last two weeks (I work 5 days of the week). A good amount of these shifts have put a toll on me mentally and emotionally and I don’t want to because of how draining it is to close . The thing is the shift that was supposed to close is sick and my manager is out for Covid so they said they couldn’t cover otherwise they would 😒 this sucks being in this position I just wanted to go to work and not close. I may end up closing even if we have to close the store early. This is fucked
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2022.01.19 05:28 Gilbie43 Yeehaw

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2022.01.19 05:28 abgstar Nice apartment with small living room and large bedrooms?

All the nice apartments near campus like Sterling and modera seem to have living rooms that are large enough to be another bedroom + small dining area.
Is there a nice complex that has small living room and largemore bedrooms so it's not like $2000+ for a single?
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2022.01.19 05:28 VanillaTissue DKEY Bank Retrospect 2021

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