Attack on Titan Alternate Ending (chapters 138 & 139)

2021.11.27 23:15 helleuu Attack on Titan Alternate Ending (chapters 138 & 139)

DISCLAIMER: I did this fan fiction not because I hated the ending (I liked the ending, chapter 138 is my favorite) . I wrote this to see if I can make an alternate ending that hopefully makes sense.
Any feedback and/or constructed criticisms are appreciated!
-Chapter 138-
Colossal titans begin to collapse. The refugees are shocked and relieved as to what they are witnessing. The orange sky is now being covered by the fallen titans’ steam. The dust of the rumbling steps begin to settle. Everyone seems confused, as the solemn atmosphere covers the plateau.
“...what happened…?!”
“Those bones were blown away!”
“Are you okay?!”
Falco, the flying titan, lands with the Alliance.
“Look! The bones are gone… the rumbling has stopped, too.”
Jean: “Is Eren dead?”
A sorrowful Mikasa ignores the question. She stares at the area where Eren’s corpse is. A good part of her is hoping that Eren is still alive. Gabi and Pieck turned towards the refugees, and the sight of relief quickly took over their faces.
It’s their family, and they rushed down to meet them, tears flowing down from their eyes. Gabi pointed Falco’s family towards the bird titan as steam went blowing through the titan’s nape. Falco emerges from the flying creature and his parents quickly dashed towards him.
Connie: “It’s not like I don’t have any regrets. But we did the right thing, didn’t we? We stopped the rumbling.”
The sense of accomplishment is nowhere to be seen. They suffered way too many casualties to celebrate their victory.
Annie: “Why are you here? All the way from the internment zone.”
Karina: “Mister Leonhard led us all here. Your father.”
Annie shows surprise, “Go and meet him” Karina tells her as she starts sprinting.
Gabi: “Aunt Karina! Reiner’s still fighting!”
Karina: “Yes. I saw.”
Gabi: “That centipede.”
Connie: “Reiner, where are they?!”
Mikasa spots someone in the distance, “Armin..”
Armin and Reiner, both looking a little worse than wear, rise up from the crater.
Gabi: “Reiner!”
Jean: “He’s okay.”
Armin and Reiner, in their titan forms, start walking towards everyone. They emerge from their titans and meet with the rest. Jean and Gabi run towards Reiner.
Gabi: “Reiner! Are you okay? You took that explosion head on.”
Reiner: “Yeah I’m fine. It’s not the first colossal titan nuke that I experienced, after all” he stares at Jean, both knowing what he meant. Jean smiles at him.
Jean: “Reiner, good job. Even though I still haven’t forgiven you, I’m glad that you survived.”
Reiner: “You too, Jean. We did it. We all have heavy burdens to carry, but we’ll shoulder it together” He turns towards his mother, Karina. “Mom, thank goodness you’re here. Did you see that?”Karina nods with a grin.
Karina: “You’re alive. I’m sorry for everything. Reiner, this is all I ever needed”, She hugs Reiner as he finally feels this proud moment with his mother.
Armin, on the other hand, is with Mikasa, Connie, and Levi.
Mikasa: “Armin, did we really kill Eren?” Armin looks down, his eyes start to fill up with tears.
Armin: “I’m sorry, Mikasa. There was no other way and we know it. That was our last resort, wasn’t it?” Mikasa starts to take in the situation. Eren, her best friend and remaining family, is gone. She remembers her promise to their mother that she’ll look after him.
The centipede that got hit by the explosion starts to shine.
Connie: “Hey… look! Over there!” The centipede survived the explosion?! What the hell is that thing?!
Levi: “Who knows… all I know for sure is that we can’t let it live.”
Meanwhile, Annie sees her father kneeled down in front of the Marleyan officer.
Annie: “Dad.”
Mr Leonhart: “Annie?” They walk towards each other as smoke starts to cover the plateau.
Mikasa: “Armin, this smoke. Did the centipede die?”
Armin: “No, that’s not the smell of a dead titan.”
Connie, with a worried look in his eyes, replied “Isn’t this the same thing they did in Ragako?”
Everyone begins concerned, as the smoke engulfs the atmosphere.
Levi:” Mikasa, Armin, Pieck, Reiner! Get on Falco! Get away from here!”
Falco: “Huh?!”
Pieck: “What are you saying?”
Levi: “Ackermans and anyone with the power of the titans are exceptions. You should know what we need to do better than anyone here.”
Pieck:: “No, this is too much for me to–”
Levi: “Hurry up!!”
Falco begins to fly, with the two Ackermans and three titan shifters on board.
Jean and Connie, left behind, look up towards them. They held each other’s backs as they knew their end was coming.
Connie: “So this is how it ends for us.”
Jean: “Guess so. We’ll entrust them with the rest. That’s what it means to die as a member of the survey corps.”
Connie: “Do you remember, Jean? The night of the entrance ceremony?”
Jean: “Yeah.”
Connie: “You know this is all your fault, right? That we ended up stuck with the job of saving humanity.”
Light starts to glow from their faces. Mr Leonhart’s body begins to shine when he’s about to meet his daughter. All at the same time, the Eldians transformed into titans and they started attacking all humans remaining. Annie’s surroundings turn into total chaos, as soldiers run desperately for their lives. She sees her father standing in front of her, slowly heading to attack her. Annie, with a tearfully pained face, uses her ring to cut her finger and transforms into her Female Titan.
Armin, while flying away, hears another titan transformation. He looks around and is shocked to see Annie.
Armin: “Annie! Run towards us!” Annie does not hear Armin and the others yelling at her.
Mikasa: “Falco, fly to Annie quickly! We have to save her!”
Annie, in a weakened mental state, starts sprinting away from Falco as a handful of titans chase after her. She uses her ability to attract all the titans, and runs down the plateau in the opposite direction of the paused colossal titans.
Annie: “I have to separate these titans from attacking the remaining survivors, then I’ll get myself eaten for my dad.”
Falco and the rest gave chase, and when they were about to reach Annie, they saw an ugly yet familiar sight.
Reiner: “What… is that doing here?”
Armin: “No way. Why are there colossal titans marching towards us?”
Levi: “Seems like the rumbling ain’t over yet.”
Pieck: “But how?”
Mikasa: “Maybe Eren’s still alive?”
Annie spots the charging rumbling. Her body is about to give in after a day full of struggles. She’s exhausted, and seeing the colossal titans is her final nail in the coffin. She looks back and spots Falco flying towards her. She knows that returning to her father is a near impossible task.
Annie: “This is all pointless, anyways.” She runs for the colossal titans.
Levi: “Falco! Turn around! She’s made up her mind.”
Armin: “Captain, no! We can still save her!”
Levi: “Armin, we can’t risk it! Either she dies or we all die! Falco, turn around!”
Pieck: “Captain is right, Armin. We still have to stop the rumbling. We can’t waste any more time.”
Mikasa: “I’m sorry, Armin.” Falco upsettingly turned around. The weight of stopping the rumbling is on him, and he has to protect the last bastion of humanity.
Reiner: “Forgive me, Annie.”
Silence reigned among the group. The nightmare is far from over. They fly over near the plateau and see that their friends turned titans are still wandering about.
Pieck: “Your friends were on the other side of the area, and Annie’s scream might not have reached them since she was already weakened.”
Mikasa: “What should we do, Armin?”
Armin: “I don’t know. I don’t know what to think. We already killed Eren, but the rumbling has not stopped.”
Reiner: “Like Mikasa said, Eren might still be alive. We haven’t confirmed his death.”
Armin: “In that case, let’s head for the crater. Whether or not we see him would decide our next course of action.”
Falco lands in the middle of the crater, and the rest climb down to investigate.
Armin: “We don’t have much time. Pieck and Falco, use your titans to check the surroundings. Then, the four of us will try to cover as much ground as we can.”
Reiner: “Got it.”
Pieck transforms into her Cart Titan, and Levi aboards.
Levi: “Gotta save my energy. I can’t move that well”, Armin nods. Falco and Reiner went in different directions.
Mikasa: “Armin, what are you thinking? Do you have any sort of plan?”
Armin: “No. Right now, let’s just focus on this task. What we’ll do after is up to our group to decide.”
Out of nowhere, the sky turns dark, sand is now under their boots. A single source of light can be seen stretching towards the sky like a branch.
Mikasa: “Armin, is this-”
Armin: “It’s Paths, just like last time on the plane.”
Mikasa: “Over there! It’s Eren!” They both rush to Eren. He is sitting down with his arms supporting his back, his legs spread out. He’s in a troubled daze, staring at the light while his head is visibly shaking lightly.
Eren: “Mikasa, Armin.”
Mikasa: “Eren, is that really you? Eren…”
Armin: “Eren! What is happening?! Why are we here? Didn’t we blow you up to pieces?!”
Eren: “I’m sorry. I messed up.”
Armin: “What do you mean ‘you messed up’? Everyone’s dead! Our friends are titans! What is the meaning of this?! Eren?!”
Eren: “It’s my head, the founding titan. My emotions got the better of me! All of the rage, disappointments, betrayal, desperation, everything! My head became filled with those! I can’t stop the killings, I strongly feel that what I’m doing is right, due to my emotions. It’s as if all those pain I suffered came to return the favor towards this world that I hate”
Mikasa: “You… can’t control what you’re doing? But you’re talking to us right now, aren’t you? You can still think straight.”
Eren: “Ever since I held Historia’s hand, I’ve had moments where I experience simultaneous timelines. Right now, I don’t know if this moment is the present, the past, or whatever. But the important thing is that I can ask you this: please kill me as soon as you can.”
Armin: “But we already did! Captain Levi and the others are looking for your corpse as we speak.”
Eren: “You didn’t kill me, the titan you blew up is a decoy made by Ymir, the first titan. She wants to keep you away from Shiganshina because my body’s still there!”
Mikasa: “But why would Ymir do that?”
Eren:”Because Ymir’s truly the one who wanted to destroy the world! That’s why the 2000 years of Eldian history was covered in blood and war, because she keeps manipulating the kings.”
Mikasa: “What do you mean Ymir’s manipulating the kings?”
Eren: “She uses their thirst and need for power to make the kings keep on waging war on other countries. That’s why other nations keep disappearing. Up until King Karl Fritz came to power when the carnage ended. Because he doesn’t have the need for power, so Ymir can’t manipulate him.”
Armin: “So that means, you’re just another pawn in Ymir’s hands? And if we kill you, then Ymir won’t have any more ways of destroying the world?”
Eren nods with his eyes fully closed. His unsettling face is full of stressful expressions.
Eren: “Please. Just end me. My body is crystallized in Shiganshina, just like Annie’s. And there are still quite a good number of soldiers and civilians alike surrounding me. Finish our nightmare, whatever it takes.” Tears are flowing down Eren’s face. He grabs their legs as if to hug them, unable to stand, unable to think straight.
Mikasa kneels down next to Eren, and takes in the realization that the person next to her is the most important being in her world. And that same person is asking her to kill him.
Mikasa: “Eren, I can’t kill you. You’re the man that I love, Eren. Even more so than my life. Please don’t let it end this way, I want to spend the future with you. Shoulder your burdens with you. Fight with you. Anything.” Eren looks at Mikasa’s face, and she is looking lovingly sad towards Eren’s eyes. He leans in to hug Mikasa, with his right hand over her head.
Eren: “The person you love is gone, Mikasa. When you return home, all you’ll see is a lifeless man gone mad. Please, don’t make me suffer any longer. If you truly love me, you won’t want me suffering from this power. I’m asking you this because I’d rather get killed by the woman I love, than die by anything else.” Mikasa’s eyes dilated. She pulls back from Eren’s hug.
Mikasa: “You…love me?”
Eren: “I do. And I’m sorry for not realizing it sooner, but I love you.” Mikasa moves her head towards Eren and kisses him, full of affection knowing that this is farewell.
Armin: “Eren, we will free you. That’s all you ever wanted, right? I’ll make sure it happens, no matter what. I promise.” Armin grabs Eren’s hand and gives him a reassuring smile.
Eren: “I’m sorry for everything, Armin, Mikasa. Thank you for being by my side.”
-Chapter 139-
In an instant, orange sky fills the skies, dirt now surrounds them inside the crater that Armin made. Armin and Mikasa fall down. Reiner spots them on the ground and goes towards them.
Reiner: “What happened? Are you okay?”
Armin: “Yeah, we’re fine. It’s Eren, he called us through Paths. He told us he’s in Shiganshina and asked us to kill him.” Armin mentions all the details of Eren’s side, from him being manipulated, down to his body being protected by Yeagerists.
Levi: “If that’s the situation on the island, then we’re going to use your titan powers.”
Pieck: “Reiner and Armin’s titans are key here. I doubt my Cart Titan and Falco’s Jaw Titan can do much against thunder spears.”
Reiner: “But Armin and I have exhausted our titan powers. We can’t transform for now. We’ll have to wait until the day after tomorrow to fully replenish.”
Armin: “No, we should do tonight. Before Eren gets out of his crystal.”
Reiner: “But we can’t, Armin. We’d be in danger if we attacked with our current state.”
Armin points at the titans wandering on the plateau. Jean, Connie, Gabi, Karina. All of them are about to get crushed soon by the rumbling.
Armin: “I’ll give my colossal titan to Connie. That way, you can continue your mission and kill Eren.”
Mikasa: “No! You don’t have to die for this, Armin! Connie is a good friend, but we need you more this time.”
Armin: “I’m useless, okay?! Ever since I ate Bertholdt and survived, all I became was a disappointment. Paradis became chaotic. Eren rebelled. Our friends and allies got killed. Hell, even our comrades for years, I couldn’t do anything! And now this? The one thing that I thought was right, turned out to be Ymir’s decoy. I never made any good decisions in my life. I’m useless!”
Levi looks agonizingly at Armin. He made the call to save Armin, after all. The eyes he once saw in Armin, the same eyes that remind him of Erwin, are gone. All he sees is a broken kid, in the middle of a nightmare.
Armin: “This is the least I could do. I stopped Connie from meeting his mother again.”
Mikasa: “Are you really sure that you want to do this, Armin?”
Armin nods, with an unhappily, determined face.
Reiner: “If that’s the case, then this is the perfect time for me to pass on my armor to Gabi.”
Falco: “Reiner…”
Pieck: “Very well, then I should pass off my cart as well-”
Armin: “Pieck, don’t. You need to be with Connie and Gabi in the attack. We can’t have all of our titan shifters to be new.”
Reiner: “I agree. Besides, your ability to transform multiple times will definitely be useful.”
Pieck: “Alright, if you say so. If my abilities can help take down Eren, so be it.”
Armin: “Everyone, help me and Reiner get to Connie and Gabi.”
Everyone aboards Falco and flies toward the plateau. The small titan horde starts charging towards them. Levi hands off his ODM gear to Reiner.
Reiner: “Mikasa, Pieck. Let’s go.”
The trio made quick work of the remaining titans. Reiner sees his mother in titan form.
Reiner: “Mom, thank you for raising me. I’m happy that I made you proud in our final moments.”
He slashes through the titan’s neck, as he goes towards Gabi. He cut off the titan’s legs, and left her for now.
Meanwhile, Mikasa spots Jean and Connie. She swiftly removes Connie’s legs, then faces off Jean.
Mikasa: “I’m sorry for doing this, Jean. Thank you for looking out for me. I will never forget you.”
She tears Jean’s nape, severing the titan’s reality. When the dust settled, Gabi and Connie remained. Falco sees his parents about to get cut up. Falco looks away.
Reiner: “Falco, always protect Gabi, okay?”
Falco: “I will. Thank you for guiding us, Reiner.” Reiner pats the kid’s head as he turns towards the rest.
Reiner: “Pieck, look out for the kids for me.”
Pieck: “Don’t worry, Reiner. I will.”
Reiner: “Mikasa, Armin, Captain. I can’t say sorry enough for the things I did to your home. I hope there’ll come a time when you finally forgive me.”
Mikasa: “We already forgave you, Reiner.”
Armin: “Yeah, I’d like to think that we’re on good terms in the end.” Reiner smiles at everyone.
Reiner: “Well, good luck everyone.” He approaches Gabi and gets himself eaten.
Armin: “Captain, I’m sorry for not being able to replace Erwin. I know that I shouldn’t be like him, as you said before, but I can’t help but feel this way of upsetting you. I am the only Survey Corps Commander that lasted a day, the only commander that didn’t make any impact. So I’m naming you, Levi Ackerman, as the 16th Commander of the Survey Corps. The quality required for a Survey Corps Commander, is the unyielding desire for understanding.”
Levi: “You never disappointed me, Armin. I have no regrets in choosing you over Erwin. And if you strongly feel this way, then there’s no changing your mind. I’ll look after Mikasa for you and Eren.” Levi offers his fist towards Armin, and he returns the gesture.
Armin: “This is it for me, Mikasa. I’m sorry for leaving you so soon, but I need to do this. Like Eren. You understand, right? Mikasa?”
Mikasa: “I will make your dreams come true. I will travel the world in your name.”
Armin smiles brightly. He hugs Mikasa then walks towards Connie, accepting his death.
Gabi and Connie stopped moving. Moments later, they emerge from the titans. Mikasa and Falco rushed towards them. They bring down their unconscious bodies and awaken them.
Gabi: “Where are we?”
Connie: “What happened? Where’s everyone?”
Mikasa, Levi, Falco, and Pieck painfully stared at them. No one wanted to answer their questions, until Levi spoke up. He mentioned that everyone became a titan, that the rumbling never stopped, how Mikasa and Armin spoke with Eren, why they needed to return to Paradis, and the latest moment when Armin and Reiner gave their lives for them.
Connie: “Why?! Why did Armin sacrifice himself for me? He’s way better than me, and I don’t think I’d be able to control this titan way too soon! This is a dumb setting, I say.”
Pieck: “No need to worry about controlling the Colossal Titan, since all we just need from you is to transform. We need you to nuke somewhere near Eren and distract the soldiers. No need for training, since that’s only needed when you need to not explode.”
Mikasa: “Armin also said he owes you something, after what he did when he stopped you from turning your mother back into a human. This is his way of atonement for everything.”
Connie absorbs his surroundings. The severity of the situation catches up to him.
Gabi: “Everyone’s dead. I have to make sure Eren dies for his sins. For my parents, for Reiner, for everyone.” Mikasa instinctively looks at Gabi, then remembers that she has to kill Eren. His last wish.
Levi: “Alright, that’s enough conversation. Everyone, let’s go to Paradis.”
Everyone boards onto Falco as he starts to fly once again.
Mikasa: “Captain, what’s the plan when we get there?”
Levi: “We check the situation first. But my idea is to use Connie’s Colossal Titan to make a racket and force people to respond towards him. Then we can use that time to make work on whoever remains guard.”
Connie: “But Eren is crystallized. How are we going to break through Eren?”
Pieck: “The charge of Gabi’s Armored Titan will work on Eren’s protection. Allow me to clear a path for Gabi so she can sprint without anyone interrupting.”
Levi: “Sounds like a plan. Mikasa will come along with your part, Pieck.”
Evening arrives as they reach Shiganshina. They see the city full of lights. Eren’s crystallized self is located at the former Wall Maria’s gate. The spot where the Armored Titan broke the wall. The spot where Eren transformed into the Founding Titan. There are only a few handful of guards near Eren, as the citizens who travelled here with soldiers are having a feast. They are celebrating Eren’s victory in levelling the world.
Levi: “Our plan will most likely work, given their low guard.”
Pieck: “The only problem is getting those guards away, but I can manage to distract them if I run away. Gabi and Mikasa will do the rest.”
Levi: “Connie go to the spot I pointed earlier, then when you reach the spot, transform right away. You’re our signal, can you handle that?
Connie: “I’ll do my best. For Jean, Armin, and Sasha.”
They go on separate groups as they begin their attack. Connie, near the tip of the front of Shiganshina, transforms into the Colossal Titan. The explosion goes off.
“It’s the Colossal Titan!”
“Why is Armin here? Everyone gear up! We’re charging at him!”
“Guards! Protect Eren at all costs!”
Suddenly, another lightning bolt is spotted by the soldiers. It’s Falco, alongside Levi. They fly away as another part of the distraction for their real attackers. Pieck transforms into the Cart Titan while Gabi transforms into the Armored Titan. Mikasa is on top of the Cart Titan as they start to clear the path towards Eren.
The few soldiers on guard were surprised to see Mikasa, and all they could do was move out of the way. Pieck jumps over Eren, waiting for Gabi to charge through the crystal. Gabi successfully breaks through, and Eren gains consciousness. Mikasa, with a sword on her hand, swings towards Eren with a smile on her face. Eren looks back at her, and thinks of how beautiful his end is. He enjoys his final view, and sees Mikasa overlapping Eren’s view of the Colossal Titan behind her. She was his wall. His friend. His family. His love of his life. He remembers the day when the Colossal Titan destroyed the front gate, as his head goes off and Mikasa catches him.
Mikasa: “See you later, Eren.”
3 years have passed. Paradis Island is the only surviving civilization. Eren’s rumbling successfully killed all of humanity outside the island. However, conflict never disappeared. The remaining Eldians are split into two parties: Historia’s sovereignty, where they do not acknowledge Eren’s genocide. Mikasa, Levi, Pieck, Connie, Gabi, and Falco, are protected by Historia’s reign. The other party are the Yeagerists, who want to get rid off everyone who murdered Eren after their leader saved their island. Will the island resolve to peace, or will the killings never stop until one person remains? This is the question Eren Yeager left behind.
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It only required 2 and a half total minutes of steaming in the microwave, which I don’t imagine would be sufficient to kill the botulism bacteria or denature the toxin.
Don’t judge me for how long it sat out haha, because I hadn’t been aware it was sitting out that long and only was awakened and alerted to me having food sit outside long after the fact. I only realized how long it was sitting out later when I was looking at my Amazon order history later on in the day.
I’m mostly worried because of the fairly anaerobic packaging conditions (plastic wrap + the potentially contaminated filling being encased in tons of tortilla layers) and really alkaline nature of the organic root vegetable and tofu ingredients. Hoping the cool temperatures and the fact the item was in a bag with other boxed frozen stuff kept the temperature low enough to prevent too much spore germination/toxin production, and that some other competing bacteria in the food might prevent it.
Most of the botulism cases I see on google from non canned foods involve things held at like 75-80 degree temperatures for upwards of six-eight hours after being cooked and heat shocked, so I’m trying to be optimistic I won’t fall ill, but I’d appreciate a professional’s insight on how concerned I should be. It’s been about 30 hours now and I haven’t developed any symptoms, but I barely slept at all last night due to my worrying 😅
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