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Anyone able to tell me how this lost to everyone?

2021.11.27 23:14 fedairkid Anyone able to tell me how this lost to everyone?

Usually, if I play mercs or someone else plays mercs and has this board since stage 3-8, which is when I hit it, it'd be a free cash in. Whoever, absoloutely everbody hardstomped my team, no matter how I repositioned. even boards that had almost all their units 1 Star with barely any traits active.
How should I have played it, is there some secret trick? I tried playing both sides, tried putting GP in second row so that he doesn't immediately get targeted, but no matter what comp I faced, no matter how weak they were, it was all losses, and it wasn't even close. Never felt at such a loss in TFT. Would've been a nice cash-in too, multiple five costs, tacticians crown, etc etc.
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2021.11.27 23:14 FULMlNARE Owl-related powers?

I was wondering, what would be some owl superpowers? I mean, maybe with eyesight and perception, but anyone notice anything else? I also thought about shooting the feathers like the the Archangel from Marvel and Xayah from League, but I really wanted to come up with something less common! Do you guys have any ideas? :D
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2021.11.27 23:14 Successful-Car1438 I want to have sex with everyone

I was at a party. I was attracted to everyone. I wish we would just fuck each other and give everyone pleasure
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2021.11.27 23:14 Casper_Von_Ghoul This WOMBO DREAM app is fun.

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2021.11.27 23:14 Jaret0720 [US-SC][H]HHKB Type-S, Nyquist w/ Kailh Box Whites, Space Cables USB C Cable [W] PayPal

time stamps/photos
I am selling my HHKB Type S for $300 obo. Nyquist with Kailh box whites and tenting mid plates for $120 obo. Space cables coiled usb c for $40 obo.
PM for any questions
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2021.11.27 23:14 yolomlgnoscoper420 Chibi Quints Napping

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2021.11.27 23:14 Beforethwcornrows Justinlanoy, Kanye, and carti at the donda sports game last night!

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2021.11.27 23:14 TonkatsuMisoRamen What made your bday today?

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2021.11.27 23:14 Gabethegreat2008 I was about to do a hardcore monolocke for platinum, and found this...

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2021.11.27 23:14 MoistTowelette9515 Wondering how long my Zephyrus should be good for

So I just ordered my Asus Zephyrus g15 (Ryzen 9 5900hs + RTX 3070) and I’m wondering how many years should I be able to play AAA games at 1440p or 1080p? I’m hoping this laptop lasts awhile, hopefully 3 or 4 years but I want your opinion, thanks!
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2021.11.27 23:14 lilcreepy425 What weapon parts should I put with my highlander

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2021.11.27 23:14 Troevan Old me was surely something.

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2021.11.27 23:14 AxlCobainVedder Ad for Doral (1975)

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2021.11.27 23:14 SukMeDed69 Anon doesn’t like reposts

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2021.11.27 23:14 PerspectiveMammoth62 I just finished the tv show here is my favorite characters ranked

  1. Henry / Hector
  2. Mathias
  3. Zach
  4. Ferg
  5. Walt
  6. Cady
  7. Nighthorse -10000. Vic I will be taking questions
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2021.11.27 23:14 edwardsscreenname Doc "drawing up a play" out of a timeout.

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2021.11.27 23:14 OptSky Need advice on which one to go with. Is tank destroyer good or are battle tanks the way to go? Or no tanks and just infantry spam?

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2021.11.27 23:14 Piggy0821 Thanks, I hate it. (EPILEPSY WARNING)

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2021.11.27 23:14 Mooms1 Women: Top 2 favorite colognes for ur man that can jump start ur motor! Asking for myself a divorced 46yr old (M) contemplating the future, LOL.

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2021.11.27 23:14 FlopSenpai 2003 civic coupe ex

So this is cosmetic question... My car is the eternal blue pearl, I have spec d black headlights and am planning on doing ikon motorsports front lip, side skirts, and rear lip... I have also purchased a color matched OEM spoiler, so being a blue car I was planning on going with white wheels. But idk since my car will have slot of black accents if white wheels would look out of place. But I would still really like to go with white wheels, thoughts?
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2021.11.27 23:14 Spirited_Work_4997 Missed on Shiba inu ❓ Floki inu❓Kishu inu❓then Get ready for ARASHI INU 🐶 With useful case APP in progress which have never been witnessed in BSC Space before 🚀

ARASHI INU's aim is not only to get arashi inu to the x1000 moon! Also to protect investors in this cryptoworld with its upcoming ARASHISCAN APP where you will be able to scan any token!!
When it comes to crypto and investing its all about the trust! With Arashiscan app you will be able to scan tokens and check: ruggable, honeypot, lplock or unlocked, ownership renounce, distribution, mint, buyback, taxes and more functions coming soon!
✴️ Website launch
✴️ Telegram Launch
✴️ Reddit Hotposts
✴️ Coinsniper, Coinmooner etc..
✴️ Poocoin Ads
✴️ Twitter influencers
✴️ Dev Doxx
✴️ Launch
✴️ Coinmarketcap Quick listing
✴️ Coingecko Quick listing
✴️ Exchange listing
✴️ Arashiscan app
( Full Roadmap in the Website )
🔥2% BURN
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x96041dd8be5A64987BFEA0C969A44b4301E4a738
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x96041dd8be5A64987BFEA0C969A44b4301E4a738
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x96041dd8be5A64987BFEA0C969A44b4301E4a738#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd09a95b87afbb6b014d9726f7a342261b4a55407
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2021.11.27 23:14 HatRare6315 Is this a bad idea?

I love history and old things and I'm currently a senior getting my b.s. in history and I'm waiting to hear back for an entry-level archival assistant job at my uni but I don't have any experience in archival studies besides that. My grandparents are antiquers so I've been surrounded by old things my entire life but I'm especially fond of rare old things that I can research and take care of.
I'm not particularly passionate about anything else except this and maybe writing. I definitely love people and I love helping people but I don't think I could make that my full-time job.
I don't know what else to do with my life and all of the posts on here seem super disheartening. I'm not tied down by family or set on a city. I just need somewhere with good public transportation.
Should I pursue an MLS despite all of these posts saying I'm basically promised unemployment or should I find something else? I've been thinking I could do get my MLS online while working and volunteering at a museum or something. I don't know. What do y'all think?
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2021.11.27 23:14 SkysHelix Controversial question: Everyone always talks about homophobia, but has someone or someone you know been stereotyped or even hated just for being straight? Im curious

Just like homophobes, ive seen some people who hate people purely because they're straight. Now I dont know if this is just a select few people, or if this is a genuine problem going around. This also seems to be a problem in the school I go to, since there are people just like this at my school
And quick disclaimer, im not trying to discredit people in the lgbtq community who are discriminated against for being part of the lgbtq community, as homophobia is an actual problem
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2021.11.27 23:14 Gode_mode_yt How do I find out what my MS grade is for a certain coin?

I am extremely new to coin collecting, and I have lots of rare coins (depending on the MS grade) but I don’t even know how to calculate it or if I should see someone to get it calculated. Any ideas?
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2021.11.27 23:14 kittydrinkscoffee Scanning Bubblegum Film?

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