tanyf yrn5r t489b t88sf i8ds3 8bi3t fhty5 3ehd9 3z3zz 5et3z 3ay6t i5yyt b44yk tit5r ssafb 29he3 773r3 f3s5i a6b4r ri48b entfz What the hell is up with people always going “America bad” also after typing the body, this kinda became a rant, and this may make some people angry so you’ve been warned |

What the hell is up with people always going “America bad” also after typing the body, this kinda became a rant, and this may make some people angry so you’ve been warned

2021.11.27 23:55 Sturm_Badger What the hell is up with people always going “America bad” also after typing the body, this kinda became a rant, and this may make some people angry so you’ve been warned

Like don’t get me wrong, the USA isn’t the best, however I’d much rather live here than in say North Korea.
Yes there’s many things our nation can improve on, but generally we doing pretty ight.
The most common thing I hear when people say “America bad” is that they say the entire country is racist, but like you and I live here, and we’re not racist, the person sitting over there isn’t racist, and like “I hate America because the people suck” like you are literally an American person.
Another thing I hear is “America is homophobic” then how come multiple people here have come out and not been jumped. At least this isn’t like the part of the Middle East where LGBT people are hung on a daily basis.
Also gun violence, which I mean as long as we have guns, people are gonna die due to gun violence, however banning guns would be like the prohibition. Law abiding people can’t get them, but the criminals will get guns anyway and then the law abiding people can’t defend themselves.
Generally, from what I hear from other people, most people just have an issue with the government and not the actual country.
Idk, like saying “I hate America” is the most basic bitch political opinion and like “ooohhhh I’m so edgy for saying America bad” but then all they can say to defend their statement is “some people are racist and homophobic” like if you’re gonna have an opinion on literally anything, at least have a valid reason to support your argument.
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2021.11.27 23:55 KINGWORM13 Artist = @ratkiller3000

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2021.11.27 23:55 mark_____0 Found this at a parking lot, not even sure what it is!

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2021.11.27 23:55 fsociety01001 Guava Island

Anybody? Thank you in advance :)
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2021.11.27 23:55 innateparliament00 It's a good one

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2021.11.27 23:55 Nervousnelliyyy Tiny painful lump in both arm pits 3 weeks post op?

I have symmetrical painful bumps in my armpits. Same size and both in the “deepest” dark of my pit. It feels similar to bad cystic pimple but way deeper and then both happening at once has me wondering if it’s recovery related- lmk if you had anything similar!
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2021.11.27 23:55 smoshingtondc Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever found your keys?

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2021.11.27 23:55 bosun120 [WTS] Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag Large, Wheels Manufacturing SSK-2 Single Speed Kit Black, Gates Carbon Drive CDX CenterTrack Rear Sprocket 30T 9-spline

Images & Verification
Item Description Price
Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag Large PRODUCT WEIGHT 306 grams, MOUNTING OPTIONS Hook and loop straps, BAG CAPACITY 6.76L, BAG DIMENSIONS 482.6 x 330.2mm, CAPACITY 6.76L, MATERIAL Coated Ripstop Nylon, CLOSURE Waterproof zippers with pull tabs $125
Wheels Manufacturing SSK-2 Single Speed Kit Black Shimano & SRAM compatible single speed conversion kit with ramped spacers. Black anodized. Includes: 2 - 9mm angled spacers 6 - 3mm spacers 2 - 1mm shims 1 - lockring 1 - 16t cog $35
Gates Carbon Drive CDX CenterTrack Rear Sprocket 30T 9-spline Fits any Shimano style freehub body. $85
All prices include USPS Shipping in CONUS. PayPal F&F or +4% fee.
Items available if still listed. PM with any questions, thanks for looking.
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2021.11.27 23:55 SpecificCrash Which watch Walter wore better?

I am particularly a fan of the Casio calculator (I have a databank myself), but I don't know the symbolism of those watches on the show. Also, why the fuck did Walt leave a $5,000.00 watch on a public phone on Felina?
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2021.11.27 23:55 fafonso558 2017 Misano Blue Giulia Veloce

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2021.11.27 23:55 Kotkaniemigoat Is Caufield really that bad?

His size isn’t all there but you would think you can utilize his shot and speed in other ways
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2021.11.27 23:55 Large_Bar_7032 Could someone explain these weird mix signals my ex did with me?

my ex-bf and I broke up it was a long-distance relationship for two years. He tried to break up through text and I drove 8 hours to him to talk out our problems, however, he had made up his mind I just accepted it then we had a breakup date we stayed friends
Here is the mixed signal I got ;
- He had to return some things to me, however, he delayed it for a month then finally return them to me then after I decide probably best we don't talk to each other that way I don't push myself onto him but three days went by he started texting me ( making up some reason that was so obvious he knew the answer to)
- then we talked for some time he never ends the conversation he im guessing fall asleep then texted again the next day even when I tried to end the conversations multiple times by saying good night
-he mentions in the beginning of the breakup that he is scared that he might have made a mistake breaking up with me he mentions that I played an effect on his personality, his likes, and interests
- he broke up because the distance was too much all the other reason he mention we were able to talk out our problems and gave solution to them also we fought a lot in the relationship a little too much
- he told me he misses me then later say he misses me as a friend he mention in text that I am his best friend and sometime when he texts me he says hey bestie
-just a week ago sometimes horrible happen with my father he had a heart attack I text my ex for comfort he been checking up on me and my family I don't think much of it I think he is sweet of doing this however, one time in a text he mentions that he cares about me a lot
- i asked him directly why don't we facetime I told him that I respect our friendship he doesn't have to worry about me pushing onto him he just said im not sure it just weird
I AM CONFUSED ; he sounds like he likes me but doesn't want a relationship he broke up with me why doesn't he want to be in a relationship again with me ? Why leave me out single doesn't it bother ment knowing that another man can have me ?
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2021.11.27 23:55 scaarslmao [3000] Astrø #QV8RRGRQ

Minimum Trophy Requirement: 3000
Current Member Count: 15/50
Clan Trophy: 150
Minimum Medal Per War: 1,400
Just started up the clan, have only played in 1 war where very little people participated in and still came in 2nd. With more active people 1st place should be a guarantee every week. We are a friendly clan looking to dominate in war. Looking for people who are active and will do well in war, as well as donate regularly. Consistent and good participation and job in war will get you promoted, no participation/inactive and very little contribution in war will result in a kick. The clan is open for all to join! Looking to grow and do well together! Thanks
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2021.11.27 23:55 Thee_Red_Night New to Drukhari

Can someone help me out? I am new to warhammer as a whole and am looking into playing some Drukhari. I know it is a very competitive army but I am not looking to play it that heavily competitively but just casually with friends. What would some Drukhari veterans recommend me to get started? Also some good strategies to play around this army with?
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2021.11.27 23:55 MidwestRookie [WTS] AK stuff: Zenitco Klesch 2D light + B9-AK combo, Polytech drum w/ pouch, Zenitco B9 mount (IL)

Hey guys,
Doing some winter cleaning. Have a Polytech drum and Klesch light setup for sale plus a bonus B9 mount that I ordered by mistake. Please check my post history to see my 120 flair on GAFS.
Prices are shipped via UPS Ground. B9 mount will go USPS. PayPal FF, Venmo or Zelle accepted for payment. No G&S. No notes.
Zenitco Klesch 2D with pressure pad switch and Zenitco B9-AK mount. Like new only mounted, never seen any range time. Not splitting at the moment. - $230
Polytech 75-round drum, like new with pouch. - $210
B9 Mount
Zenitco B9, ordered by mistake when I needed the B9-AK. Never got mounted but was ugga duggad for a few seconds before I realized my mistake. - $40
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2021.11.27 23:55 cheesetastesgood19 why would you display your games like this, where you can only see one per row?

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2021.11.27 23:55 Burofaksbarca Luke's Lightsaber, set 40483, it's now selling for around US $160 on Bricklink and online. Where do you think the price will stabilize?

40483 promo with UCS AT-AT
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2021.11.27 23:55 vidiazzz 9

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2021.11.27 23:55 USA631 I got a new car and was going 28mph over speed limit, testing it out, and a cop was traveling in the other direction and didn’t stop me. I’m more careful now.

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2021.11.27 23:55 CompetitiveProject4 Felt it appropriate

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2021.11.27 23:55 WrestlingWoman Ultimate Warrior vs gorilla

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2021.11.27 23:55 jircarpe Bendy James Volt

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2021.11.27 23:55 afellowcoker Has anyone ever meet a fellow Redditor IRL?

We are all here chatting our thumbs off but have we ever meet anyone IRL? Is this becoming our new normal?
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2021.11.27 23:55 PikaAbeille ‘Worse than the worst-case scenario’: Belgium tightens coronavirus rules

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2021.11.27 23:55 Antique-Excitement12 Status of astolfo client?

I have heard that astolfo dosent update anymore, and do astolfo works good in Jartex Skywars and does astolfo work on cracked minecraft?
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