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The study aims to better understand the human-plant communication dynamic through Attachment Theory. Qualtrics Survey Link
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How does it work if I sell an exclusive license for a beat that I’ve already sold multiple leases for?
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2021.11.28 00:19 Dead_Purple When you are just trying to get prep heist gear, working on your business, or just chilling in a session and a griefer won't leave you alone.

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Hey guys! I am new to Reddit and don’t really know how things work but I got a serious question for woman in the navy to answer. So I am currently a senior in high school and am 17 years old. I am planning to join the navy and become hospital corpsman. I go to meps next week! But a lot of people are telling me not to join due to the sexual assault rates and all the issues that happen with girls in the navy ): It’s very scary to think about and I am pretty small and won’t be able to defend myself if something like that were to happen to me. But I really have put a lot into joining the navy and have no other plans after high-school. Pls pls any advice??
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2021.11.28 00:19 GovernmentVegetable6 King - Chapter 5 - The Cliché Fight Scene in every High School Movie (Final)

Sorry about the (really) lengthy wait everyone, but since this is most likely the final update for my story, I wanted to make sure I got everything I could remember into it.
Again, if you’re new, and have no idea what this is referring to, I urge you to start >here<.
Other than that, let’s finish this.
So, I had just run into King having been running at over 20 mph, so that hurt quite a bit, which knocked me down in the process. As I sat there in the grass, King babbling on about the past and bringing me to his side, it had started raining. And it was like an acid rain. Still making the ground around us all muddy, but every drop that made contact with me, burned. Every drop singed with slight purple residue before disappearing into small puffs of smoke.
King kept talking, “I always figured this would happen, but, somehow, I was wrong. You slipped past me the first time. But that gave me all that I needed in order to find you.”
I thought he might’ve been talking about the first encounter I (thought I) had with him in the auditorium at the beginning of the year.
As my mind raced around, trying to figure something, anything out, rain stinging every part of me, getting stronger as King seemed to seethe more and more. Veins started to pulse from his skin, neither matching his skin, blood, or blue veins. They flowed with purple. His body just radiating the color off of him.
I was about 5 feet away from him when I had fallen, but I had managed to crawl about 5 more feet away when I felt something grab my chest. Not my shirt, my chest.
A claw. Long, thin, deep black with small gashes of purple dug into it. I followed it back to King, now smiling as his hand became sharper, digging more and more into my chest.
I would later find out that whatever he was sticking into me, went in about 3 inches deep, trying to crush either my heart or my rib cage.
I began to scream again. No longer from terror or fear, but from the pure pain his limb now bore into my chest. Ever been punched in the gut when you weren’t expecting it? With a knife? Take that feeling, and you’ll be no where close to how I felt in that moment. As I found my mind starting to falter, I began to dip in and out of consciousness, using every ounce of strength I had to stay awake.
King began to clasp the thing tighter and tighter until he had a firm grip, and then yanked me towards him at what felt like mach 1.
He closed the distance between him and myself in less than even a millisecond. I remember looking up for less than a brief moment before my forehead made contact with King’s other hand/claw thing.
Ever seen Avengers: Infinity War? Know the scene on Titan when Thanos yanks Spider-Man at him and just downs him in a single punch. That’s like exactly what happened.
Except I wasn’t knocked out.
I felt a blade in my forehead. Well, my head didn’t feel it, but I reached up to feel what seemed to be stainless steel, sharpened and molded into a knife, which was attached to King. I felt around the back of my head to feel the rest of the blade sticking out a good foot.
All I saw at that moment was King’s face, smiling at me, hatred burning behind the dark violet that now covered his eyes.
That’s when I blacked out. But I didn’t die, I just saw what King wanted me to. How we knew each other. And, well, the 5 others.
I saw myself standing at the gate to a massive cathedral. Bigger than anything here on Earth. It was, well, hard to describe. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I remember it looking like the size of Mt. Everest. It was made of what looked like marble and granite, all shining with a silver light.
Windows covered the structure, all made up of the stained glass you’d normally see in a church.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see inside. It was like a dream. I saw, but I had hardly any control. I looked down to see what I knew was myself, like I was watching me in third person. Where I stood, a red ring of fire surrounded me, blasting me with a heat so intense, I was even able to feel it.
I saw myself crumble to the ground, and getting pulled back up by 5 other figures, each seeming to emanate a different color. Yellow, blue, green, orange, and light blue.
Off to the side stood another figure, shrouded in a purple shadow.
Like they were hiding.
They seemed scared. It looked like they had never felt it before, and were beyond terrified.
My point of view shifted to the figure burning in the circle.
I felt everything around me burn, but I felt fine then. It didn’t hurt me, but it sure as hell hurt whatever I was watching from.
It made noises that shouldn’t be possible. Reaching the highest pitch ever while being so low, it shook my entire body to my core.
It was awful. Worse than anything that can happen in this world, worse than death, worse than living you’re entire life as a torture subject.
I collapsed yet again, as the one in purple began to start walking towards me.
“Cmon, I think he’s had enough. Wouldn’t you all agree?” The purple one’s voice seemed to shake as it spoke. There was a hint of fear in him, which seemed to shock the other 5.
“Why? Are you scared? Cause I want more!” The yellow one screamed at him.
The purple one shrank back. “Of course not. Nothing scares me. I just don’t think hurting him this much is a good idea for any of us. We know what he’s capable of.”
As the purple one said this, he walked into the fire, his body showing hesitation as soon as the flames made contact.
He reached in and pulled me, the thing, out of the circle.
“What do you thing you’re doing?! He’s a traitor to our lord, and yet you save him from his punishment? We were all tasked with reprimanding him for escorting someone through our lords domain. Yet you defend him?” Screamed the green one.
The other 4 began yelling in agreement, which seemed to make the purple one more confident.
He replied back to them, “Ah but don’t you see? Our lord has never dealt with such a thing before. How should he be able able to punish us without having rules already in place for helping the trespassing of a human soul.”
As he continued talking, his hand/claw things began to dig into my skull, piercing the same spot I had been stabbed just moments before. Unable to hold my attention again, I was only able to hear the last bit of what he said.
“Forget it. I’m leaving, and I’ll be taking Wrath with me. What use does he have here now that Satan had turned his back on him. I’ll be a better teacher than that demon ever was…”
As that faded out again, I came back to the current scene. I was face down in the acidic mud, which had begun to form a small pool around me, about an inch deep.
“So, how about that huh? Now do you remember? I took you in, while the others just threw you aside because the almighty Satan was upset. And what did I get in return? Abandoned. As soon as we entered the mortal realm you left me. I’ve searched for nearly 2 decades now, and finally found you. And you’re doing the same thing AGAIN!”
As he screamed, another flash of violet appeared in my vision, cracking against my face as King now held a whip in his hands, which were shooting of purple sparks around them.
He hit me again and again, across my entire body. I felt myself writhing in pain as he began hitting me harder and harder, and the rain became more violent.
As the pool around me began to fill, I felt the massive rage build up inside me, just an overwhelming thirst for violence.
I blinked, and was blinded by an immense flash, a bright red filling my vision.
I felt myself jump from all fours off of the ground, landing very, very unevenly, proceeding to fall right back down again.
King began laughing a broken laugh. Like a mad man. Picture the Joker, but a lot worse.
“You, do you still think you can beat me? Maybe if you had come at me before I knew which one was you, but now? You’re up against someone out of everyone’s league. Yet you still think you have a chance? Listen!”
As King stopped talking, the rain ceased. And I listened. And I heard what he wanted me to.
Pounding. Coming from the school. Every person he had taken over in the auditorium was breaking their way out.
King turned back to me, and the rain began again, even worse, to the point I could barely see.
“Give up Wrath. You can’t win. Even as I continue to kick your ass, my army will be on us soon. And you can’t hurt them right? I mean, you’ve grown up with these people. These people are your life, and soon you’ll have 2 options. 1: Fall in line like everyone else, and help me kill Satan so we can rule. You’ll be my right hand man as the kingdom of Hell comes under my rule.”
As he kept talking (I swear, this dude just loved the sound of his own voice), the rain let up a bit, probably because his power to control weather was being crushed by his massive ego.
“Or 2: I keep wearing you down more and more until everyone you’ve ever known reaches us and tears you to shreds. Just like Greed wanted to in the first place.”
And with that, through my disoriented mind, I finally remembered what happened.
I looked at King, and with the strength that had grown from my adrenaline, I lunged at him, forming a weapon out of my own energy, or whatever it is that we use.
Personally, I’ve always been fond of the scythe, so that’s what I made.
A cold metal filled my hands, the handle expanding between my palms as it grew. The handle began to curve into a blade, reaching a length of about 2 feet. The handle was a scorching shade of red, looking like it would burn just to touch it. If you were to start at the bottom and follow it up, the shade of red began to darken, blending into the blade as a dark maroon, like I had already killed countless people with it without bothering to clean it at all.
I swung with everything I had, and honestly, everything that I had was a lot. The blade dug into the right side of King’s head, and stuck out the other side, like he had done to me.
King had a sudden look of shock on his face. But not a terrified shock, he still had that smug cocky look, like I had just made a mistake.
“So,” he said to me, “You’re choosing to fight? Sure, I’ll play along. It’ll just be easier for them to kill you afterwards.”
With that, King swung at me with his weird, sword-hand thing. I was able to jump back in time, but he was still able to catch me in the cheek.
The cut instantly began to burn as the rain began to seep into the wound.
King glared at me, and I looked at him, the hole in his head seemed to have completely disappeared.
“Isn’t it glorious? Neither of us can die. But we still can sure hurt each other.” He screamed at me as he tried to tackle me to the ground. I dove out of the way, twisting my body extremely hard so I could swing my scythe into his back.
Making contact, the blade effortlessly impaled his midsection. But instead of the normal red blood, a purple liquid began to leak from the wound.
King coughed, spitting whatever he had for blood onto the ground in front of him as he fell to one knee.
“Alright,” he muttered, “I’ll give you that one. That hurt. But it’s still no where near enough to take me down.”
He grabbed the part of the blade that was sticking out the front of him and pulled it through him, tearing the weapon from my hands and throwing it aside as he screamed in pain. I saw blisters on his hands from grabbing the scythe.
“What? You can handle being stabbed in the gut, but can’t stand a little heat”? I asked him.
“Well, you’ve seem to forgotten. As I’ve said, we can’t exactly die, but we can’t wield another Sin’s power though. We’re each made to embody a seventh of humanities flaws. This is something I’ve been able to come to terms with, and am above trying to wield another power. I’m perfectly content with what I have.”
His whip came at me again out of nowhere, wrapping around my neck as King yanked me to the ground. As my vision began to fade, I felt King slash my forehead with his blade, and throw me down a small hill, before I landed in the pond our school had.
I pushed my self up and saw my reflection.
There were streaks of red singed onto my skin from where blood had rolled down my head. The hole where King had stabbed me earlier was gone, but had been replaced with the cut King had just dealt. As I stared at my beaten reflection, the rage inside of me became stronger and stronger.
Then King stabbed me in the heart.
“There! That should keep you down for a while. Nothing like a good major artery wound into immobilize anybody. We can’t die, but we still have weaknesses.”
I heard him laugh after he finished, shoving my head under the water as he did so.
I fought with everything I had to not pass out again, since I knew doing so would mean my demise.
I began looking within myself to find where the rage was coming from, it’s source. And after only a few seconds, I found it.
See, every person has a soul. It’s not physical like you’re brain or you’re heart, it’s more of a spiritual thing, for humans anyways.
But what I have, and I’m assuming the others also have, is more of a curse than a soul. We draw power from said curse, and that power is dependent on how much we feel based on our respective title.
I found that curse, and broke it.
I broke my own curse, my own title, my own being. And let me tell you. You’ve never felt anything like it. I can’t even describe how it felt except for, well, pure bliss.
And King did not like that.
Breaking said curse released a huge amount of energy, enough to blast King off of me and into the air a good 15 feet. I got to my feet and watched as he came crashing down on the ground, his neck landing on a rock.
He screamed in pain. But this was different. It was the scream of someone who knew they were losing something they had planned for years.
Laying on the ground he said to me, “No. No no no no NO! I’ve come too far! You will not beat me. You can’t beat me! I’m better than you, the other 5, and even Satan himself. You hear me Wrath?! Listen to me! You won’t WIN!”
Again, call me slow, but that’s when i figured it out. That’s when I figured it all out.
I walked over to him. It was my turn to talk for once.
“King. You’ve been a pain in my ass for multiple months now. You’ve hurt the people I care about. And you’ve been trying to kill me for like an hour. Frankly, I’m quite tired of it.”
He cut me off, “What’s you’re point huh? Just to gloat in my face?”
I thought for a second. “Well, not exactly, but sure, I’ll gloat a little bit.”
I willed my scythe back into my hands again, swinging the blade twice, once across his chest, putting a huge gash across his entire stomach. The second cutting of his right arm. I was tired of his stupid whip.
He screamed in pain, and I laughed that time.
“Oh, is THIS what you meant by weaknesses? So even you can feel pain huh? Knowing this, I think I might know how to kill you.”
King’s eyes grew wide with terror.
“King, you’ve reminded me of who I am, and now I know what you are. You’re Pride aren’t you?”
King yelled at me again, “Well whoop-de-doo. You finally got it huh? It’s why I’m better. I was created with that exact purpose. I was the first of the Sin’s. I’ve always been the favorite. The most powerful. I had spent thousands of years winning the other 5 Sin’s to my side. Taking their allegiance from Satan to myself. It was just you and Sloth that gave me trouble. You said you would only join me if I managed to best you in a fight. But you’re made from the pure hatred of every living being in existence. I couldn’t. And I had to accept that. But then you made it even worse by helping a human hide from the Church, and snuck them through Satans palace. The first major crime since, well, Satan himself being cast out of Heaven by God. Your act stole their attention back to mindlessly following his orders. I had to leave Hell, and take you with me. It was the only way I could think to be able to show you why you should help me. But you had to be born here, thousand of miles away from me. But now you’re here, for the taking. In the end, you can’t kill me since you’re still tied to Satan-“
I swung at his face, cutting him across his eyes.
“Oh would you shut UP?! I’m tired of you’re voice. And no, I’m not ‘tied to Satan’ anymore. I’ve broken my curse.”
He went silent for a moment. “Wha-, what do you mean you broke it? That’s not something that’s possible unless God is starting the end of the world.”
“Well,” I said to him, “Maybe it is the end of the world. Or maybe my hatred for you has grown stronger than than God’s own will. With every word that you’ve said it’s grown stronger and stronger, so for the final time is say this to you. King, Pride, whatever you are, whatever we are. I am Wrath. A Sin, formerly under the will of Satan. And I was forcefully exiled by the hands of you, after helping a human hide from the eyes of the Church. You tried to steal Satan’s throne, and win me to you’re side. You’ve searched for 2 decades, and now, you’ve found me. But you underestimated me. And now you’ve failed. King, I’m here to kill you.”
Feeling like I had made my point, I swung my scythe one last time, severing King’s head from his body. Apparently, that was enough to destroy his physical form, or at least, remove it from our world.
So, where does that leave me. My name is Wrath. I’m (formerly) one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I was able to rid this world of Pride, well, at least the actual embodiment. It would take a lot more to actually fully destroy an entire Sin.
Once I had killed King, the storm he had summoned began to play out in reverse. The acid rain that hadn’t reached the ground yet began to evaporate into air. I looked over to the school and saw that a massive cloud of purple smoke began to exit it, going up into the sky.
I wanted to run back to the school to check on everyone, but there was so much adrenaline pumping through me that I was staring to feel everything. So I passed out again.
I recently woke up in the hospital, having been asleep for months. Ben was sleeping in a chair when I woke up, exactly like I had been doing when he was in the hospital. He gave me the biggest hug I had ever received in my life. My parents had to return to work while I was still asleep, but were at the hospital within minutes.
Technically, I’m supposed to still be recovering, but I saw so much happening while I was out.
I saw Pride finally win over Sloth to his side, and convince the others to leave Hell to hunt for me here on Earth. Luckily, beheading Pride seemed to make him forget where I was. And since I broke my attachment to Satan, I managed to keep my power of Wrath, but can no longer be controlled by Satan, or tracked.
Everyone at my school is fine too. Apparently it was Mr. Grover who found me all beat up and left on the edge of death near the pond the morning after my fight. I have a deep respect for that man now.
Even so, I have a new goal in life now. I’m going out into the world. I know how to will people to do what I want through force, so I plan to travel. I’m going to find the embodiments of each Sin, and send them back to Hell one by one.
It’s either that, or let them leave massive trails of despair wherever they go.
So I say to all of you, wish me luck, let go of the past, and finally, don’t be an arrogant prick.
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