Moving to Calgary soon with Fiancé and a dog

2021.10.21 06:16 gobankai Moving to Calgary soon with Fiancé and a dog

I have been in Vancouver for a while now and will be moving to Calgary soon. Can anyone from Calgary dm or comment on this post, need to ask quite a few things about this place.
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2021.10.21 06:16 mylinux2 How to Install PHP 8 on GNU/Linux Distros

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2021.10.21 06:16 Frosty_soveits Die Maschine on Xbox

For people doing the glitch near the bunker be aware that you will encounter three problems.

  1. You can still die from the Mimic.
  2. You can still die from the Megaton and when he separates into two.
  3. At some point in the game you will lose connection to the servers and be kicked to the main menu don't worry all camos, attachments, challenges and rank.
Hope this helps anyone.
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2021.10.21 06:16 Mythromize Yeah. Assman, I'm Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!

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2021.10.21 06:16 artgold8 Me and my friend work on "day 28". Translated by @BoneFelinicity (Thank you <3)

Me and my friend work on
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2021.10.21 06:16 sillywabbit321 I wonder who could've won that fight

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2021.10.21 06:16 MichaelHuskey55 [Amazon] 24Cans(15L) Large Lunch Bag {Expires 31/10} [Coupon: T2QI7AYF] (50%off)- $7.99

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2021.10.21 06:16 FunkyMonkey1360 Free Training on CompTIA A+ Full Course

Hi everyone,
I'm currently delivering free training on the CompTIA A+ course. The course consists of 18 modules and I will be doing a dedicated video on each module. Some of these videos might be a bit long since it will be a whole module in each video so please feel free to make use of the time stamps in descriptions if your looking for specific topics only or just want to refresh on certain topics only.
The time stamps are there to make life easier for you so it's your own fault if you end up skimming through the module back and forth like a crazy person looking for their lost teeth.
I will make 20 videos for this course, the first is just the 4min intro explaining the course, the last will be a dedicated exam tips video and then obviously the 18 videos in between will be your modules.
The training should be enough to pass both the international exams for A+ and the other courses I deliver should also be enough to pass the exams associated if there is a exam associated to that specific course.
If you have a question about a specific topic in a module or the course in general that you would like more clarity on, please feel free to ask and I will try to assist you where I can if I'm online.
Here is the course intro
CompTIA A+ Course Intro
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2021.10.21 06:16 bringenufgun MAK 90 ban era, want to go original folder. sources for one that works since chinese are impossible to find.

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2021.10.21 06:16 PedaleFrancisca Relative Prestige of Ivy+ In Your Opinion?

By prestige, I don't mean which are the 'best' or whatever, just which are the most famous and well known brand names. Here's mine:
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2021.10.21 06:16 Glad-Two-4744 Are There any Spotify profiles with og x songs?

TIM ONFROY, LUV$$$, lux! Scottish Shlagg, YoungLordDaggerDick, Gie, Misspoken, Blavkfacebaby, PPVMIO, BVFPain, recussion, smith Jumil, and DJ Smix
I know. a lot but I need more most of these profiles have the same songs and I was wondering if there's that one profile with all the old songs.
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2021.10.21 06:16 Ball-Prior Coping mechanisms?

So me and my wife have been separated coming on 2 months now.
We havent had a sexual relationship for over 3 years (since our son was born) been together over 9 years and because of the regular rejection to any sexual advances from me I started to get frustrated, started to question whether she loved me anymore, why she doesnt want sex with me and that led to me fooling around in the bedroom with myself while she was asleep, or so I thought she was. I was a creep and when she tried to confront me about it I lied through my teeth due to feeling guilty and disgusted with myself or went defensive and argued with her.
This went on for some years and caused both of us some serious stress and loss of sleep as I couldn't get out of this awful habit which became like an adrenaline drug and she just became more and more anxious and annoyed to the point she had a nervous breakdown, It was said to be post natal depression but I know it was me who caused it and I hate myself for what I did. She even says "I would rather you had cheated as that I can understand" but I was so loyal to her and the thought of cheating disgusted me.
She had wanted to separate for over a year, I'd spent that same year (2020 into 2021) really working on my issues and I became a different man, all too late for her though as the damage had been done. She let it drag for that year trying to make a decision, we made family plans, had ideas for trips, bought new furniture all for her to finally turn round and tell me she wants to separate. In her defence she was trying to fix our relationship, against her defence she didn't include me in this attempt to fix it. She refused counselling because "Theres no feelings there to counsil".
So we separated but had to keep living together for almost a month which meant plenty of arguments, tears and sleeping on the sofa (couch). Plus still being madly in love with her and seeing her everyday made it very hard.
Halfway through the second month we both started being civil and friendly for the kids and for our mental health which was great.
I started talking to another girl quite intimately (I know probably way too soon), she made me feel good about myself and paid me attention and compliments that I hadn't heard for years. I was open and honest about it with my wife as I felt I was cheating but she seemed ok with it and wants me to be happy. She kept asking me if I'd been on a date yet which always baffled me as why she was so interested, surely she wouldnt want to know these things? I then foolishly read her messages, I was at a low point, and found out she'd been sexting her ex (he treated her like crap, cheated on her and forced sex on her, or so she told me anyway) and thats why she wanted to know if I had moved on or not so she could move on without feeling guilty and have this "sexual romanc" she'd been craving (Just clearly not with me).
Once I found this out I lost my cool, put my fist through a window and went into a bit of a spiral (I know not the maturest of responses). This happened a week ago and now all I can think about is her, how much I miss her, everything reminds me of her. I sit there thinking about her sat in OUR bed sexting this asshole and getting all hot and bothered, makes me so angry that he gets this attention when he doesn't deserve it and why she doesnt feel that way about me!! Obviously I dont particularly deserve it either.
What bothers me the most is shes turning into the women I've so desperately wanted the last 3 years, the women who wants sex, sends risky messages (which she tells me shes always enjoyed doing, funny I never got any of those messages) and has a bit of a kinky side. I might add our relationship outside of the sexual was great, best friends (FRIEND ZONED I think).
Anyway sorry for rambling on but have any of you got advice on how I can change or distract my thought process because its tearing me up inside. Reconciliation is out of the window and I've made sure of that with my childish, petty responses and how I've managed this whole separation.
To be honest reading this back I dont think either of us would be better off reconciling anyway, she deserves much better than me or her asshole ex!!
I just need a little help please guys.
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2021.10.21 06:16 Earth1ntruder [Pre-Order] Alfa Mist - Two For Mistake (EP)

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2021.10.21 06:16 Ivarsson02 Lol i got 2 epic guns

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2021.10.21 06:16 Material-Bit-3538 [BL] WEIRD TERMS - Night Beyond Tri:cornered Window | メさんかく窓の外側は夜

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2021.10.21 06:16 Robinjo1985 Pras's Favorite Fugees Memory Involves Lauryn Hill Working On "Killing My Softly"

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2021.10.21 06:16 memoriesofcold How Democrats’ Failure To Pass A Voting Rights Bill Fits A Pattern Of Failing Voters Of Color

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2021.10.21 06:16 Lutek3 What's your best way to earn money online?

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2021.10.21 06:16 lasagneking007 This is WHY... CHELSEA FC WILL STILL SIGN ERLING HAALAND

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2021.10.21 06:16 yolexander Should I buy my single bedroom apartment in Hamilton?

The owner of the apartment I've been renting at Portside in Hamilton for a year and a half now is selling it, and I'm considering buying it for $325k, but it's an extremely stressful situation for me that has been causing me an enormous amount of anxiety. I've been crying a lot at night lately.
The only reason I would want to buy it is the hope that it would appreciate in value over time, although I do like the apartment itself and the location quite a lot.
But it would also mean completely depleting my savings, and possibly having to quite dramatically alter my lifestyle, which I like very much. I've never thought about rent as "paying someone else's mortgage" - I've always thought of it as paying to have somewhere to live. I also have other debts, and there are things that I want to buy and things that I want to do that I'd like to have money in the bank for. Having savings also gives me peace of mind.
On the other hand, most people I've spoken to have strongly advised me to buy, and everyone I've asked who has bought property has expressed similar anxieties, but are all very glad that they'd decided to buy in the end. It does also seem that the price of rent has gone up in the last 18 months, and I wonder whether $360 per week would be worth as much in the rental market right now.
I could go on and on, and there are so many more pros and cons for both options that I could lay out in detail, but I just wanted to gauge this sub's opinions on the matter.
Any help or advice would be deeply appreciated.
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2021.10.21 06:16 Acceptable_Strike333 it requires submission to believe

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2021.10.21 06:16 mylinux2 PHP 8.1 Oracle Linux 8 Installation - Step-by-step Guide

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2021.10.21 06:16 Hot_Possibility_6118 Uncut Music Video

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2021.10.21 06:16 fishfan345 Does anybody have suggestions on what I should put in my tank? It's a 50 liter freshwater set up with lots of plants.

I thought maybe a pair of dwarf cichlids and some small tetras or rasboras (like kubotai rasboras, neon tetras or sundadanios), but I'm open to any serious suggestions. I also want to try myself at shrimp (red cherry or sth). But since I don't even have the scape done yet, there are sadly no pictures. I'm just collecting ideas.
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