Help please!!! App Re-engagement campaigns not delivering after iOS14.5

2021.10.21 06:01 DramaticMoment1156 Help please!!! App Re-engagement campaigns not delivering after iOS14.5

Hello colleagues
I am literally with no hope after almost 5 months, Facebook support has been helpless, colleagues in the industry also failed to help and I literally don't know what else to do
My business is struggling to run re-engagement campaigns in Facebook, before iOS14.5 there was no issues with them, I could easily spend £70k a month if I wanted to, but since iOS14.5 they are not even delivering
We are an App business, an example of a Facebook Audience not running is "last 180 days installers , that haven't made an app purchase in the last 30 days" this audience will populate at the very least with 60k users, BUT when I add that audience to the re-engagement asset I only find less than 3k, making ad performance impossible
I have an MMP Branch
Has anyone else experienced this? any Sherlock Holmes who can give me a hint of what is going on? I tried like 8 times Facbook support and they are clueless
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2021.10.21 06:01 aminboldi GW9-GW14 FDR based on win probabilities. Numbers courtesy of

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2021.10.21 06:01 ZoolShop Gabby Petito: Human remains found amid search for blogger’s fiancé Brian Laundrie

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2021.10.21 06:01 cannot_deny Pylon - Reptiles

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2021.10.21 06:01 autotldr The new Great Game: Central Asia struggles to balance three powers

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 94%. (I'm a bot)

In a series of interviews that I conducted throughout Central Asia on the eve of the 30th anniversary of independence, the inroads made by China were perhaps the most surprising revelation of all.
Xi called for cooperation with China to build an "Economic belt along the Silk Road." The New Silk Road has since been renamed the Belt and Road Initiative, a broad strategy aimed at integrating China with the rest of the Eurasian landmass through trade and infrastructure deals.
Xi's initiative takes advantage of Central Asia's thirst for funds to rev up its economic development, while also promoting the grand strategic vision of a new Silk Road economic sphere powered by China.
He predicts China will not build a military base in Central Asia or ask EAEU members to withdraw from the group without obtaining Russia's nod.
The Kremlin's strategy is apparently focused on strengthening cooperation with China to undermine Western clout in the region by harmonizing the interests of the two countries through such groupings as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, founded by China, Russia and Central Asian countries.
Amid the power balance between China and Russia, the stability of internal politics in the five Central Asian nations is being threatened by rapid growth of Beijing's influence in the region.
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2021.10.21 06:01 520broh Smooth Rogers -- Evil Will Reign [Alternative / Psych Pop] (2021)

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2021.10.21 06:01 chairbornebg Ройтерс: Невъзможно е решение на ЕС за "Спутник V" до края на годината

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2021.10.21 06:01 VIRUS-AOTOXIN AT-Numbuh 841

AT-Numbuh 841
AT-Numbuh 841
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2021.10.21 06:01 chowkingdell40 What do you guys think about itzy members teasing yeji?

Hi guys! Im not much into kpop but i really like itzy, blackpink and twice. Itzy being my ultimate fav group because they are really talented and are hilarious in interviews, shows etc. ive been watching all their interviews and shows on vlive and youtube and as always they are really funny, carefree, likes to tease members alot which is really cute and funny but i noticed that yeji gets teased alot and other members get teased too but not as often as yeji. At first it was funny and cute but as i watch more videos of them im starting to get annoyed because sometimes the members take it too far. Ive always perceived yeji as i kind person and sometimes too much kindness can get abused by other people without them knowing it. Everyone has their limits and in some videos ive seen yeji getting frustrated by the teasing and it just breaks my heart. I know theyre just playing around but i just wish they would do it in moderation.
What are your thoughts about this? I know that they are sweet and caring about each other off cam but in their videos im starting to get really annoyed with the members and i dont want that to happen cause i really like them individually and as a group.
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2021.10.21 06:01 Poggers_Loggers Chamaedorea Bahariterra listed as critically endangered 🌴

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2021.10.21 06:01 chairbornebg Какво означават десетте хиляди банана, струпани в краката на бронзовия бик на Уолстрийт

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2021.10.21 06:01 grizzchan Three Crimson Demons

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2021.10.21 06:01 le_chak_150 Is female negging a thing? How can I spot it?

I am casually seeing this girl for a three months now. She has asked me if I want to take things further but I told her I like the way things are going and I don't want any commitment and she agreed to it.
However, from past few weeks she has made a couple of remarks regarding how I finished too quick or hinting that she is sexually unsatisfied with me.
This makes me wanna spend more time with her and make sure she's sexually satisfied or else my confidence goes down.
Is this a form of negging or am I overthinking here? What are some ways women neg men?
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2021.10.21 06:01 chairbornebg 250 000 жилища във Франция без ток заради буря

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2021.10.21 06:01 Zach_Madique How many people here have played this "Stock Fish" guy?

I watch a fair bit of chess on YouTube, and a common thread in pretty much all the channels I watch is this mysterious player called Stock Fish. Apparently he has played everyone, and he even analyzes their games?? From the research I've done it seems like he should be the best player in the world, but he doesn't even show up on the leaderboards. Why isn't he world champion yet? How many of you have played this dude? I see him referred all the time and couldn't be more confused.
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2021.10.21 06:01 28Nozy GPU Build advice for my GF pc

Hey everyone,
my GF bought a cheap prebuilt from ebay in march 2020 (~300€) with an RX550, P8H67M-Pro mobo, i7-3770. I already replaced the original no name powersupply with a Fatal1ty 750W PSU (overkill I know, but it was a spare one) and upgraded to 24 GB of RAM. But the PC isn’t enough. Her main goal is to play games like Detroit Become Human, Beyond two souls etc. So no AAA-Games, but not exactly old games either. Also there are driver issues with the AMD card (newer drivers dont detect the GPU).
Her budget is around ~400€ (i know not a lot around these days) and she wants to stay away from AMD (because of her experience with AMD drivers). We had a look online and I thought of something like a new 1660 or 1650. Alternative could be a used 1060/1070?
Which GPU would you recommend? I dont really know how much she should spend or whether used gpus are a financial risk (if they break). Is it worth it spending 400€ on an older gpu?
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2021.10.21 06:01 jnw1986 Conditional ISR with feature toggles

How do people currently manage feature toggles in their Next.js solutions?
Their on/off state could be stored in environment variables, and you could trigger a re-deployment manually when you change them, but that doesn't feel optimised.
Using ISR, if the page revalidates every x minutes, your getStaticProps could hit a feature toggles API and check the current state, but if you want your site to respond quickly to any toggle changes, you'll need to revalidate regularly, and that could end up being fairly expensive.
Is there a way of making ISR conditional, so it only re-renders if there is a change...or would it just do that by default? i.e. if the page revalidates every 5 minutes, and there has been no toggle change, it would diff the cached and new page, and if there are no changes, it would just dispose of it?
Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.21 06:01 Slemnem Why does Mama have to wear that damn coat around her waist, so hot…she’s Andie MacDowell’s daughter..

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2021.10.21 06:01 Opoyiss News channel in US accidentally airs porn during weather forecast

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2021.10.21 06:01 chairbornebg В Турция са арестувани няколко руснаци, планирали нападения срещу чеченци

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2021.10.21 06:01 Gigastic What deck should I use?

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2021.10.21 06:01 Xblaster1 EB Damage

Okay so first of all I'm going to point out that I am neither good at math or poe so I probably got some things wrong (hopefully not everything). Feel free to correct any of the calcs.
For this example let's go with a character with 4k es which is not difficult to get + some good hp/defenses.
4k es --> 20% = 800 (5% = 40 + 12 & 100% = 800 + 232)
Avg dmg = 52-1032 with 10% base crit & 1.6 base as
Avg dmg Starforge = 432-584 with 5% base crit & 1.45 base as (I know Starforge gives you things beside base dmg but I wanted to compare EB to a unique 2H sword so ppl could get the idea of the base dmg we are working with)
Let's say you go for a 2H EB then avg dmg = 78-1548 because of 50% more lighting dmg
Then the avg dmg would be 813~ which is quite decent. But the dmg doesn't just stop there because of the mastery we can get in a lighting node that makes non-crit lighting dmg be lucky.
Meaning we would get around a 27% increased dmg.
Which would make EB dmg go to 1032.51.
So a 2H EB would be dealing on avg around 1k dmg without any support skills or anything.
Isn't this decent to say the least? I'm don't know how much elemental dmg you could get with only a 2H elemental sword but I believe this skills with QUITE the investment could be good.
Let me know if some of the calcs are wrong and if you think of some builds that could benefit from using EB.
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2021.10.21 06:01 AshokOnkare Alcohol destroys the important organs of the body

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2021.10.21 06:01 Gta54life Selling a variety of Juul packs

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2021.10.21 06:01 adeel-nadeem Passphrase questions for newbie

Hi guys, Ive recently found out that one can add a passphrase to the existing 24 word recovery seeds to make it even more secure.
I love the idea of the passphrase for the purpose of your recovery seeds being compromised. Am i correct in thinking that without knowing the passphrase, the recovery seeds are completely useless? As in you would never be able to retrieve the coins by just having the recovery seeds.
Also there is an option of attaching the passphrase to a pin or to choose a temporary passphrase. I'm a bit confused with those options. Whats the better way? Or whats the difference?
Lastly, if one does not remember the passphrase, is there a way to reset it or will your coins be lost if you forget it and cant access?
Many Thanks
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