do chest rewards from quests up the gearscore watermark?

2021.10.21 05:26 rshunter123 do chest rewards from quests up the gearscore watermark?

thanks in advance
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2021.10.21 05:26 The_Dark_Mama Need some residence advice

So I'm going into my 3rd year (comp sci) and I have never lived on res before so I just wanna make sure that I'm moving into a decent building
I like meeting people and socializing but I'm not really a party person. The more quiet it is, the better. I also like doing the cooking myself so any residence that has single rooms or shared rooms (shared meaning the apartment is shared, not the room) with a kitchen is a huge bonus. Not really a big fan of the meal plan so if it's not mandatory, then I probably wont register for it.
As for the actual distance, I'm used to walking about 4 - 6 miles a day so the distance from campus doesn't really matter (although I do prefer if it's closer to campus XD).
Currently, I'm look at LMP, Risley and Sheriff. I heard that meal plans aren't necessary for LMP but idk if LMP has private kitchens/bathrooms or anything like that and I also heard that it's rooms are quite small. As for Risley, I heard that it's the newest res, has large rooms and every room is a single so it sounds pretty good. But I heard it has a mandatory meal plan and no kitchen/kitchenette in the dorms either.. As for sheriff, I heard it's where harry potter lives so just curious about what it's like there.
I'm currently in Alberta and wont be on coming back to Halifax until January so I can't physically go and check out the different residences although I dont think even could've because of covid..?
Regardless, I'm just looking for people to share their experiences and drop in some advice about which residence would be best for me..
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2021.10.21 05:26 Raintechnoid Can we talk Pokemon GO Friendships? It's UTTERLY NUTS. In a good way? Here's my strat, some gamebreaking QoL tips&tricks, and general thoughts/analysis

Can we talk Pokemon GO Friendships? It's UTTERLY NUTS. In a good way? Here's my strat, some gamebreaking QoL tips&tricks, and general thoughts/analysis
I returned to playing Pokemon Go a few months ago, having not played since 2016. These days, PoGo is part of my daily routine, and one of my primary motivations to go outside for a walk which is a big deal in my dreary work from home lifestyle. A big part of that motivation comes from wanting to spin pokestops daily to earn gifts which I can send to the majority of my friendslist, both because of the fact that each "friend" is a real, tangible person somewhere in the world that you are helping gain exp, and who is helping YOU gain exp, plus the simple fact that the amounts of experience you are both gaining is absolutely BONKERS.
If you don't know how much Experience you can gain from friends, we're talking about enough Experience to go from Level 1 to Level 40 in just 2-3 months of playing for less than 30 minutes per day, not counting the time taken to actually earn said gifts from spinning stops. (Which can be realistic for those who are lucky enough to have a Go Plus device and live/work near a pokestop). To reiterate, that's 20 million exp earnt from doing NOTHING except sending and opening gifts for less than 30 minutes per day for just a couple months.
Now if you're like me and reinstalled the app thinking you'd be totally alone in the game because you don't know anybody IRL who's interested in playing PoGo; Don't worry, I was in the same boat when I started as well. I'll be going over where I found friends to add, practical ways I've found to maximize exp earnt with the minimal amount of annoying or tiresome gimmicks, whilst still letting you play at whatever pace you want. Also there are ways to speed up the process of sending/receiving gifts, which just makes the process so much more enjoyable and easy, and takes the majority of hassle out of the whole routine.

And finally, there could be a couple of errors in this post, so please do let me know if you spot any. I've done my best to research and test most of the facts, but most information and resources relating to these topics and many-years-outdated, but the final numbers seem to be at least close to accurate from my personal daily obervations. And as always, everything in this post is about my opinion, my strategies, and my approaches. I think I've come up with a pretty good system so I'd like to share it, because who knows when the last up-to-date guide on this stuff was made. Hopefully theres a few ideas here that will be helpful to some people here, but mostly I'm just hoping to inspire a few more players to go out and about on their walks because I've honestly felt way more healthy IRL since i picked up playing pogo and went for daily walks again since the start of 2020. Also lmk if you have any ideas how improving my strat here!

Oh, and because this might to important to some people, please keep in mind that sending a Gift to a stranger tells them your trainer name, and your rough location. Not sure exactly what they're gonna do with it, but there is that.

Alright, lets get started, kicking off with the super-basics and some crappy mspaint-fu
When you add a friend, there are 4 different friend levels which can be attained; These are represented by the orange hearts near their name. You can also tap on the trainer to see how many interactions you need to hit the next heart level as well:
You can level up your friendships by earning an "interaction" with your friends. These are currently all the ways to earn an interaction.
  • Opening a gift from your friend
  • Your friend opens a gift you sent them
  • Trading a pokemon
  • Participate in a raid together
  • Battle in a gym takedown together (is this still a thing?)
  • Battling against each other
HOWEVER: YOU CAN ONLY EARN 1 INTERACTION PER FRIEND, PER DAY. Extra interactions will NOT count towards levelling up your friendship until a new day starts. There are also limitations on how many gifts you can loot, hold and send per day:
  • You cannot open gifts that you looted from pokestops yourself. I know this is obvious, but the gifts you loot from pokestops must be sent to friends, you can't open them for yourself.
  • You can only hold 20 gifts in your inventory at a time. To clarify, this means the gifts you got from spinning pokestops, not the gifts your friends sent you; Their gifts hover over their portrait in the friends tab and don't take up your inventory space. Yep. Obvious to most people but this confused me when I was new too.
  • You can loot a maximum of ~100ish gifts per day from pokestops. Getting a gift from a spin is guaranteed so long as you have room for it in your inventory, and haven't looted your daily limit yet, under Niantic's pandemic ruleset, which is usually listed in the current seasonal event bonus.
  • You can currently open up to 30 gifts per day from friends. This was originally 20 before the pandemic ruleset. This total is not counted towards your looted gifts from pokestops.
  • Your buddy Pokemon will also bring you additional gifts when you have less than 5ish gifts in your inventory. This supposedly gives you any amount between 1-5 gifts at a time, brought to you up to 3 times per day. In my experience with the pandemic ruleset, this has always been exactly 5 gifts, and always 3 times per day, for 15 extra gifts that doesn't seem to count towards the 100 pokestop gift limit, at least, not if you loot your 100 pokestops first and then your buddy brirnds you gifts afterwards.
  • So in total, theoretically it should be possible to raid/trade with a bunch of local/IRL friends, then use gifts to interact with up to another 130~145ish friends per day, or more if you interact with internation friends via Remote Raids. So 150 interactions per day does seem very doable, all things considered. Under very ideal circumstances, that could be worth a net total of about half a million experience per day, from purely friend interactions.

Alot of you should already be seeing there are some extremely obvious ways to optimise interaction gains; For example, don't send a gift to, or open a gift from a friend you've already interacted with today. Which leads me to the most non-intuitive, yet biggest pet-peeve I have:
Yep. So much for "gift exchange". Only one of you needs to have opened the other's gift each day for an interaction. This is definitely the biggest flaw under the current pogo friends system. Most people will intuitively open someones gift, and immediately return a gift because they feel obligated to do so, or think it's polite, but in reality this is akin to flushing up to 105k exp per day down the drain if done 30 times, and your friend doesn't correctly deal with the situation properly (which is to not open your gift until the next day). It almost feels like you have to choose between being polite, or going for your friendship exp efficiency. I'd almost say it'd be a better system if both opening, and sending a gift could add interactions, but the total interactions required to reach a new heart/friendship level should be DOUBLED, but non-gift related ways to gain interaction count for double, and gifts interactions worth the same as currently, or effectively half as strong as previous. I think this would both fix the biggest flaw in the friend system AND also serve as a somewhat deserved nerf to the system, without impacting trades and raiding together for friendship, nor affecting how much loot each person is gaining daily from gifts.
TL;DR Trade and raid with as many locals/IRL friends as possible, then use gifts as efficiently as possible for the rest; Possibly adding more friends if you consistantly find yourself with excess gifts to send, or not enough gifts to open.
So with all that said, lets take a look at how many interactions are needed to reach each Heart (aka "Friendship Level"), and how much Trainer Experience you get from each heart gained, as well as a glimpse into how much each interaction could possibly be worth.
Total Interactions to reach this Heart Level Experience earned from this heart level Total Exp earned from this friend to date (no items used) Total Exp earned to date with proper Lucky Egg useage (x2 exp) Lucky egg for this level up? Total Exp earnt per interaction to date (with Lucky Egg useage)
1 Heart: Good Friend 1 3,000 xp 3,000 xp 3,000xp not worth the effort 3,000 xp per interaction
2 Hearts: Great Friend 7 10,000 xp 13,000 xp 13,000 not worth the effort 1,857 xp per interaction
3 Hearts: Ultra Friend 30 50,000 xp 63,000 xp 113,000 Worth it if you can! 3,767 xp per interaction
4 Hearts: Best Friend 90 100,000 xp 163,000 xp 313,000 Definitely always! 3,477 xp per interaction
Interpretting the insanity of these numbers: Seriously, the Exp gains are INSANE. Using the 20 million experience needed to go from trainer level 1-40 as a benchmark;
  • Getting 177 friends to Ultra Friends(30 interactions) will net you 20,001,000 Experience just from Friendship levellup rewards (with perfect lucky egg useage). As you can only send ~100 gifts per day and open 30 gifts, this is probably doable in 2 batches of friends over the course of 2 months quite comfortably.
  • Getting 64 friends to Best Friends(90 interactions) will net you 20,032,000 Experience just from Friendship levellup rewards (with lucky egg useage). With 100 gifts sent and 30 gifts opened per day, it's safe to say this is more than reasonably attainable in 90 days with just a single wave of random internet strangers friends added. And these numbers arent even counting any other sources of exp gained, like the 200 exp gained per gift sent. (Another 20,000 exp per day)
More about lucky egg useage in the strategy section below, and don't worry if you're a F2P player; I've been playing as F2P since before the mass boycott (not on purpose, just saving money), you get plenty of Lucky eggs, such as the 9 Lucky Eggs you get from levelling up from Level 1 to Level 30, or the fact you can get a lucky egg for less than 2 days worth of gym defending from the shop. Also part of my strategy has an optional way to delay levelling up friends until you can level up to 30 friends at the same time, all under the same Lucky egg; Possibly netting you millions of exp per egg if you want to do so. By far the most cost effective way to use a lucky egg IMHO.
Here's a little something to motivate you guys to go on your daily walk to play Pogo
Every single interaction COULD be worth about ~3,500 exp EACH. 
Meaning those 100 gifts you didn't send because you didn't spin any pokestops today? That could have been ~350k experience. And those 30 gifts from friends which you didn't open today? That's 105k exp worth of interactions you missed out on, plus all the normal loot from those gifts too.
Honestly, forget daily streaks or whatever, these numbers are what keep me logging in every day and what motivates me to get off my couch and go outside. Hopefully this post serves as a good PSA to inspire people to put some effort into levelling up their friendships, and get out and about if they can.

And if all of that isn't enough, there's also other benefits for levelling up friends too, mainly relating to discounted Trading costs, and extra buffs/balls for battling together:
Trading Discounts:
Stardust Discount Cost of trading RegulaRegional pokemon you HAVE caught before Cost of trading regularegional pokemon you've NEVER caught before Cost of trading Shiny/Legendary pokemon you HAVE caught before Cost of trading Shiny/Legendary pokemon you've NEVER caught before
1 Heart: Good Friend no discount 100 stardust 20,000 stardust 20,000 stardust 1,000,000 stardust
2 Hearts: Great Friend 20% discount 100 stardust 16,000 stardust 16,000 stardust 800,000 stardust
3 Hearts: Ultra Friend 92% Discount 100 stardust 1,600 stardust 1,600 stardust 80,000 stardust
4 Hearts: Best Friend 96% discount 100 stardust 800 stardust 800 stardust 40,000 stardust
\Note that caught before means you've got a pokedex entry for it unlocked, you don't have to have actually seen it in the wild and caught it that way.)

Benefits for raiding alongside a friend:
Damage buff Extra Premier balls
1 Heart: Good Friend 3% 0
2 Hearts: Great Friend 5% 1
3 Hearts: Ultra Friend 7% 2
4 Hearts: Best Friend 10% 4

Okay cool, but where can I find a bunch of friends to raid with and/or exchange gifts with? These have been my main sources for adding friends. There's obviously a million more websites, apps, discord, and idk, probably myspace(lol) groups or something, but these are the ones I've been using personally.
  • /PokemonGoFriends Good old reddit. I'm going to assume you guys know what reddit is, but if you haven't heard about it, it's a strange website that magically eats up a tonne of your time each day. Kind of like an IRL virus or something. You just blink and that suddenly the last few hours are gone.
  • The Gishan pokemon go network website, you can google it - honestly where I find the majority of my friends. Most convenient website I've found for mass adding friends quickly, with alot of features to filter by region, or just put your own code up and accept like 100 friend requests in half an hour. And the best part is they put up QR codes so you can use a 2nd device then just scan QR codes using the inbuilt QR camera scanner in the Pogo app to quickly add friends en-masse. They also have a raids page too, but its a little bit first come first serve.
  • The Poke Genie mobile app: Also the best way I've found to do T5/Mega raids if you're an IRL solo player like I was for months, their raiding feature is a good way to add some raiders, which is how I added my first few dozen friends. They dont have a feature to just add friends, you need to participate in someone's raid (using a remote raid pass), or host your own raid and use the app to add and invite 5 internet rando's who'll help you take down your raid and hopefully stay on as friends. Definitely the most organized method for finding remote raids that I've found so far.
  • Join a Discord server, try googling a few. There are literally tonnes. You can join the reddit related ones, local discords for your city or town, or just google for the big communities.
  • Try to find and join your local facebook group/communities. Can't say much about this one as you'll have to do your best to find any such types of groups for your city or town. Many of them also have discord servers.
Seriously its so insanely easy to add random internet strangers Pogo Friends that there's no excuse to at least have 30 total friends, as you can and should be opening 30 gifts per day minimum. But probably double or triple that because not every friend is active daily to send you a gift daily. Plus even if you don't spin any pokestops, your buddy pokemon will end up bringing you a few gifts that you can send out as well.

Alright, time for tips I wish I knew months ago:
  • You should probably try to add international friends when adding non local friends aka internet randos. The reason is for better timezone coverage for raid invites, and that opening gifts from friends can give you an egg that counts as being from their region; Hatcing these eggs results in having a pokemon from overseas which is extremely useful for trading purposes
  • Open an international gift after an egg hatches if you're interested in hatching a regional pokemon from your friend's region, otherwise, avoid opening their gift if you don't want their regional egg stuck in your egg storage
  • You can tell who you've interacted with today if they have a blue halo around their portrait, which looks like the ones in this example; To reiterate, these are the friends you DON'T want to interact with again today, as it would be a waste of an interaction and wouldn't progress your friend level.
  • "Today" is based on the gift OPENER's time zone from what me and my internation friends have observed in our past-midnight discord calls (playing non Pogo related games). For example, someone in GMT+12 could open a gift at 3am their time where its SATURDAY morning, and their American friend, who sent the gift, could be sitting on the opposite side of the globe, where it is still FRIDAY, will not see a blue halo around their friend-in-the-future's portrait. As soon as it becomes midnight in America, the american friend should instantly see that there is a blue halo around their friend-from-future's portrait, as they have already clocked in a saturday interaction. In reality, the blue halo sometimes doesn't seem to appear, but reopening the friends list or force closing+opening the game sometimes updates this with no extra action from either player.
  • You can skip the majority of the animations of sending or opening a gift by tapping X button immediately after you send or open a gift. This speeds up the process SIGNIFICANTLY. The gift will still be sent or opened. You still gain all the same loot you would've gotten if you sat through the animations, the are zero downsides to animation cancel.
  • Between sending/opening gifts, and you're back on the details screen of your friend where you can see their exp and lifetime stats, you can "Swipe right" to get to your next friend's details screen, allowing you to rapidly switch between friends and fire off gifts at max speed. Useful when combined with the Search String approach coming up below, and the animation cancel trick above to process gifts at max speed.
  • If you are looking to be invited to raids, set your shared status to online! You are much more likely to be invited to raids this way. If you are NOT looking to raid, please DO NOT set yourself to online, as your friends can only send 5 raid invites at a time, so you could be stealing an invite from someone who wants to raid, and as a result, indirectly screwing over a raid lobby who has 1 less player than they need to pass a raid.
  • Your friends can see the nickname of your buddied pokemon! You can use this as a way to communicate to your friends. Common Buddy names to take advantage of this are things like "InviteMeRaids" if you want raid invites, and something like "Level Cday" or "Egg @ Cday" if you're trying to give your friends a hint of when you're cashing in an ultra or best friend levelup reward. In this case, you're telling them it'll be on community day which more or less the universally agreed time to cash in on 1-interaction-away friend banks so both all friends can pop a lucky egg for the level up reward with little to no communication.
  • You can use 3 different search terms in your friendlist search bar to only show friends with certain properties. There is a fourth term called "lucky" which filters based on lucky friends, but that's not useful for this thread's purposes.

These are the 3 useful search terms that we can make use of:
Typing "giftable" as a search term will only show friends who do not already have a pending gift from you; ie, friends who you can send a gift to.

Typing "interactable" will limit your friends list to only show friends who DON'T yet have a blue halo, ie, friends you have not interacted with today.

Typing friendlevel0 will filter your friends to only show friends currently on 0 hearts (ie 0 total lifetime interactions). Likewise, typing friendlevel1 will filter your friends to only show friends who have 1 heart level, ie friends with between 1 and 6 lifetime interactions. And as you can imagine, friendlevel4 would filter to only show friends with 4 hearts, or 90 interactions, aka the max friend level.
Finally, we can combine multiple search terms together to create a search string to only show exactly the friends we want to quickly interact with.
For those new to search strings, the & symbol works as an "and" term, as in any results must satisfy both search criteria to appear in the results. The ! in front of a search term means "not". In this case, "giftable&interactable&!friendlevel4" translates to "only show me friends who I can send a gift to AND who I have yet to interact with today, AND who are also not yet at 4 hearts aka maxed on friendship". Which is basically the all rounder, general purpose searchstring most people can use when sending gifts.

Finally, we can implement an optional nicknaming system to complement this search string even further, to facilate the banking up of friends who are 1 interaction away from levelling to their next heart
For example, I nickname my friends the following, single character nicknames;
. means they are 1 day from reaching Level 3 (Ultra Friends)
# means they are 1 day from reaching Level 4 (Best Friends)
$ means any high priority friend or other misc thing that needs my attention
I use this copypasted superscript L to nickname any friends I met who is a local to my area
These nicknames also work with conventional nicknames, so these characters just need to be at the START of their nickname. So for example, If a Local that I met is normally nicknamed ᴸAshketchum , I'd simply name them #ᴸAshketchum when they're 1 day away from hitting best friends so I can send them a DM or something to pop a lucky egg before we level up. Preferably combined with a bunch of other Ultra/Best friend levelups as well.

To facilitate finding these friends quickly for "banking" purposes, at the start of each day I can use a couple of very quick search strings. Starting with
This string only shows 2 heart friends, that DO NOT have a nickname starting with . Then I simply sort my friends list to show HIGHEST friend level at the top of the list, and voila 1-interaction-away-from-3heart friends float to the top of the list. I quickly nickname them to . and they're ready to be banked up, and don't show up in this term again as I've already nicknamed them to . which clears the way for the next set of 1-level away friends to rise to the top.
Likewise we can do the same with 1 interaction from 4heart friends using
Again, just friends who are currently on 3 hearts, sort them by highest friendship, and voila, all the 1 day away friends should come to the top of hte list, and I give them a nickname starting with #

And because I've been using this system for a while, I also like to check the search term
This searches ONLY for friends I nicknamed to "." which is my nickname for friends who are meant to be 1 interaction away from 3hearts. So to appear as a result to this search string means we already leveled up to 3hearts, possibly prematurely as a mistake, or I just cashed in on a huge bank of friends, hence the fact they are now at 3 hearts. This term lets me quickly find everyone who's nicknames need to be removed or editted as we've clearly already levelled up. This is important for the my master search string coming up next, as you will see.

So finally, we've reached my final search string, which I use everyday, to find the people who I send my gifts to during my walks (so I dont hit the 20 gifts held in inventory limit)
So lets break this search term down. It means "only show me friends who I can send a gift to AND who I have yet to interact with today, AND who are also not yet at 4 hearts aka maxed on friendship, AND are also NOT nicknamed to anything starting with . AND are also NOT nicknamed to anything starting with #
The end result should be a list of friends i can use the animation cancel and swipe right tricks to rapidly blast off 20 gifts to. Remember, I use the green button to sort my friends so the LOWEST friendship friend is at the top of the list. Then I interact with my friends starting from the top of the list down. This is important as this levels up my friends as evenly as possible, and lets me see if anyone falls behind drastically, or hasn't played in ages allowing me to make informed decisions to prune inactive friends.

Alright so lets go over my actual daily friends routine in full. Do note that I use the mobile keyboard app Swiftkey which has a clipboard manager tool integrated, which is useful for pulling up certain search strings without having to type it manually. I know IOS has a similar function with keyboard shortcuts.
  1. I nickname special high prio friends, or temporary exceptions to a nickname starting with $, and I take care of them first. Whether they are a rural player who needs a guaranteed gift daily, or whatever. This is the search term for misc players that I check in on dailyfor any reason.
  2. (occasionally) I use the search string friendlevel3&.to make sure none of my banked friends recently levelled up, and I remove the "." from their name to make sure they appear in my main search string. Most days this string returns nothing unless I had purposefully cashed in on friendship exp or someone levelled prematurely on me.
  3. I use the search string friendlevel3&!#next to look for any friends who are 1 day away from hitting 4 hearts(Best friends), and nickname them "#" so I don't accidentally level them up early. Remembering to sort by highest level friend to the top of the list so the 1 day away'ers are at the top.
  4. I do the same thing for the search string friendlevel2&!.to check for friends who are 1 day away from hitting 3 hearts or Ultra friends, and nickname any I find to "."
  5. Finally I start interacting with my friends. Using my main search stringgiftable&interactable&!friendlevel4&!.&!#and sorting by LOWEST FRIENDSHIP friends on top of the list, I'll send gifts as soon as I get any. Practically this usually means the few from my buddy pokemon when I check my phone in the morning, then whatever gifts i get from my walk or any errands I'm running that day. Practically this means I'm offering gifts to my least interacted with friends which should theoretically allow any of my newer friends to catchup to the average friendship level of my other friends, making simultaneous banks of level-ups much larger.
  6. AFTER I'm done spinning the last pokestop I'll spin for the day, I'll wait until as LATE in the day as possible, and then open my 30 gifts that friends have sent me. I'll make sure my friends are still sorted by LOWEST friendship level on top, and using the search terminteractable, I'll go from top to bottom opening the 30 first gifts from ANY friend who has sent me a gift regardless of whether they still have a pending gift from me or not. Keeping a vague mental note to try and memorise the friends with the very very lowest friendship levels on my friendship list. After doing this daily for a while, you should learn how your mostly inactive friends are. The interactable searchstring keeps out friends who've opened my gifts today already out, and I waited as late in the day as possible to allow my friends the maximum amount of time to open my gifts so I don't accidentaly double-interact with someone on the same day they would have opened my gift. The reason for this is because many players cannot open as many gifts can they can send, which can lead to situations where the friendship strategy of some friends make it so they may never open your gift for days or weeks until you interact with them a few times, like several of my friends who don't open gifts from 0 or 1 heart friends.
  7. Finally I'll consider pruning or removing any "super inactive" friends who've clearly not been playing for ages or seem to have stopped interacting with me entirely. I'll do a more thorough cleanup if I'm prepping to clear space for a new batch of friends, in which case I'll probably prune any friends with particularly low interaction rates.
Occasionally. I'll also do a quick check using the search term .,# which simply means "Show me friends I either nicknamed . OR #. Basically this shows me all my total banked friends. Doing this regularly, especially in the days leading up to a community day is extremely helpful to plan out your levellup strategy regarding your banked up friends.
Cashing in on banked friends Community day is the universal day to cash in on banked friends. So if you've been nicknaming and banking friends who are 1 day from levelling, the day before comday is definitely the day to do your prepwork.
The trick to maximising additional FRIENDS who open their gift in a single day, and therefore under a single Lucky Egg, is reliant on a strange feature where you only gain the experience for a friendship levelup when your device shows the "You and XYZ and now Ultra/Best Friends!" screen. This popup is always delayed by a small while, usually just enough to quickly pop a lucky egg before hand. And most importantly, it CANNOT APPEAR ON YOUR SCREEN IF YOUR GAME IS CLOSED! Effectively this means any levellups that occur whilst your game is closed, can be synchronised until you open the app.
So for example, if you have 50 friends banked on the day before comday. You can only open 30 gifts; Therefore, you can control the timing of these 30 levelups. You can't open the other 20 gifts.
What you could do instead is send 20 friends a gift the day before commday, reserving 30 friends who gifts you will often yourself.
Then simply wait until about 10-15 minutes before commday starts in your timezone, open your PoGo app, immediately rush to pop a lucky egg, and cash in on your 30 banked friends, plus whichever of your 20 friends opened their gifts since you closed your app. You can prep this as far in advance as you want to give your friends more time to open their gift, just remember to keep your app closed. Remember part of your prepwork could be trying to communicate with your friends. Like renaming your buddy pokemon to !URG OPNGIFT! or something similar before you close the app with this method could be effective.

Closing notes:
  • If some of the ideas about maximising a single lucky egg in this thread seem overly frugal to you; It is. Feel free to pop more eggs. The point is demonstrating the limits, not what I'm actually suggesting. Please pick and choose the approach that best suits your playstyle.
  • If you're too lazy to bank friends, you don't need to. Just make sure you're having fun.
  • Please, please be courteous to your friends. In most cases, if you are already level 40+, I would urge you NOT to be the one withholding gifts, and instead send your 1 day away friends the first gift, and let THEM control the levellup timing.
  • If you do decide to cash in on a big levelup reward, especially the BEST FRIEND reward, do try to give you friends a headsup such as naming your buddy pokemon something like"Egg CD @ 11 PDT" or something. Or you can reach out to them if you have their discord or something if you feel particularly courteous.
  • My above point of being courteous and letting your friends control the timing of their levellup is ESPECIALLY important when dealing with any friends in the Level 38~39 as these friends are probably the MOST desperate to hit level 40 so they can start gaining XL candies out of anyone
  • Try not to bank friends for too long unless you have a good reason(like being leve 38/39); Remember there's a real person somewhere waiting on you to just get on with things and stop hogging a spot on their friends list and throwing off their daily gift income to active friends ratio.
  • Some of the scenarios I explain above are a bit unrealistic, such as going from L1-40 with 0 raids done or 0 pokemon caught. But it is eye opening and hopefully motivational for those of you who've been sitting and playing with 0 friends to put things into scale.
  • Please do correct me if you see any mistakes or have an idea for improvement. The goal is lowest effort possible for the maximum payout possible, whilst still having fun. Information is also incredibly hard to find these days (as a newish player who's been struggling to get back into pogo I reaalllly feel that.)
  • The biggest drawback of the Pogo friends system IMHO is honestly the fact it's not beneficial to return a gift immediately to someone whose gift you just opened; It kind of feels like you're just running off with the goods, but screaming "ITS FOR THE BEST" internally.
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2021.10.21 05:26 Possible_Neat2898 You are invited to a "no cups allowed party". What object do you bring to drink out of?

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2021.10.21 05:26 ITNETT Cyberpunk 2077 og Witcher 3 stor-oppdateringen til konsollene er utsatt til 2022

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2021.10.21 05:26 PhelpRollings #Armys

I’m selling my Harry styles love on your atl ticket oct 28 let me know if you’re interested thanks
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2021.10.21 05:26 InvincibleBird [OC3D] Radeon users get a 20-50% performance boost with Crysis 3 Remastered's first PC Hotfix

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2021.10.21 05:26 JasonCarrington [Amazon] BenSorts Men's Tennis Shoes Comfortable Walking Shoes {Expires 7/11} [Coupon: QKK2QCSS] (50%off)- $14.99 - $17.49

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2021.10.21 05:26 crlyx Floof Babush

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2021.10.21 05:26 Rog_The_Dude Ginola: Sell or Hold

So I packed a Ginola in the first week and I'm holding since then but my whole club without him is worth at most 400k
I'm using this team currently so he's only working as a power sub
his value went from 1,7m to 2,1m but I don't understand market prices so I dunno if it's going up or down If I should sell or what should I do
please help this lucky noob!
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2021.10.21 05:26 LagunaAR CoH or Grief for a smiter?

Last night I tried my first two ubers with my 79 lvl smiter and I could do them both successfully. I'd say I have a pretty decent gear except for my armor (currently a smoke) and weapon (Heaven's light scepter).
I was thinking of upgrading one of them. I have a Jah rune rotting on my inventory and I was thinking of either trading it for a Ber and making Chains of Honor or for a Lo and make a Grief.
What should I prioritize?
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2021.10.21 05:26 morning_moods "BigCats", pencil on paper, me, 2021

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2021.10.21 05:26 YoNiceShoes I have referral links to an alternative if needed.

Looks the same as Senturion - a little cheaper too.
DM for a link.
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2021.10.21 05:26 intervallfaster Woman can't sport....cause I say so

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2021.10.21 05:26 PacoSakoKing Chessboard made with old skateboards. The stripes are compressed layers of skateboard. Including the Paco Ŝako pieces. [2048x1536]

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2021.10.21 05:26 Taobattu Hope next or few chapters be like:

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