I can't stand most romantic subplots these days

2021.09.20 04:39 Amartist19 I can't stand most romantic subplots these days

Now I'm not saying that there aren't clever and unique romantic stories in more modern shows because there's obvious a lot I haven't seen, but regardless this isn't what this post is about but I thought I'd include it anyways. My issue is that a lot of movies and TV shows now have to have some sort of romance even if it doesn't fit the theme of show or goes with what the story is trying to convey about our characters in there backstory, this is becoming painfully clear in many new Sci-fi movies I'm hoping Matrix 4 isn't like this...
For me at least it's getting pretty predictable when a romantic relationship is only added for drama sake to get more viewers (and I'm not knocking people who enjoy that in a healthy amount, you do you), but it seems like in a lot of fandoms these subplots just tear the community apart with shipping wars and more often than not it leads to nobody being satisfied with the ending of a show or movie because their favorite characters didn't get together even though they have no chemistry and have only been on screen together a handful of times. It kind of detracts from the end of a story for me so much these days that I struggle finishing something if they are too heavy handed on the romance at the end.
What I can't stand even more than that is when a writer sacrifices a good character for the sake of said character being in a relationship because it's popular. I'm not saying characters can't change or that meeting someone can't change a person's life for the better I'm just saying that if a person hands you an umbrella or something mundane because they aren't being a jerk it means that that's the person your suppose to marry and shack up with.
I really hate it when core aspects of a character get erased just because it's convenient for them to be in a relationship, it almost makes them feel like a former husk of themselves in the name of love when that doesn't seem descriptive of a healthy relationship. Perhaps I'm being judgemental, I just want to enjoy something without being bogged down with a relationship that just completely takes over a plot...
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2021.09.20 04:39 furry_boi_420 I need help finding kadin

I need help finding my old friend Kadin. Its been around 4-5 years since I saw him. The last saw him in 6th grade, the day before christmas break started. After christmas break ended I didn't see him after that. I would really like to see him again or at least know how he's doing. If anyone has any information about him then please let me know by ether commenting or by messaging me directly. thank you.
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2021.09.20 04:39 chocoWaffle522 This is a mental check-in, how are you?

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2021.09.20 04:39 graniteview Nikon Z6II 24-200mm f8.0 and f10.0 ISO 400 This Lens Keeps Amazing Me

Nikon Z6II 24-200mm f8.0 and f10.0 ISO 400 This Lens Keeps Amazing Me
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2021.09.20 04:39 hungersong I saw a post here about potential childhood poisoning and I have a similar question about my own childhood. Trigger warning: mention of abuse, CSA

I went through severe trauma as a young child. I was abused in a multitude of ways by my parents. As a result of this trauma, I have a dissociative disorder (DID) and I experience extensive amnesia about my childhood as a result.
I have reason to believe I was SA by a parent as a toddler. I believe this due to a bunch of disjointed memories that, when considered together, are pretty damning, despite my general amnesia about the abuse itself.
I have recently been remembering more memories from childhood and I am trying to piece together the puzzle of my life.
One thing I recently remembered from childhood was always having a small red mark on my hand about the size of a needlepoint. I am wondering if it is possible this was an injection site used to drug me, or am I overthinking a harmless injury?
Normally, I wouldn’t have worried about this memory alone, but in combination with my SA-related memories, it makes me wonder about the possibilities of what happened to me.
I remember noticing it off and on for a long time, months or years, and thinking it was a birth mark. But it went away when I was elementary age.
Notably, as a toddler I had a long series of incredibly high unexplained fevers. Could I have been drugged with something that causes fevers? Or alternatively, would the hospital have injected something in my hand or hooked up an IV to my hand and perhaps that is what caused the mark instead?
What’s weird is that I kinda remember the mark being on my thumb which would be an unusual place for an IV.
The fevers were never diagnosed and mysteriously stopped at some point. I am now a functional adult with some heart and nervous system disorders.
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2021.09.20 04:39 idrgsf I’ve been downloading Malware on the school computers for 2 years

I’ve been pirating video games on the school computers for 2 years for my own enjoyment and I just found out that most of them has malware on them
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2021.09.20 04:39 OldAppleGuardian Does anyone else's rabbit lick you when you quit petting them?

My Flemish Giant will lay down next to me while I pet his forehead for a good while. Whenever I quit petting him he licks my arm... trying to figure out what he's telling me....he only does it when I stop petting him though
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2021.09.20 04:39 willwilliams90210 38 year old door striker

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2021.09.20 04:39 FERRETXTACT How do I treat her

Tomorrow is my girl friends birthday and she told me she wants me to take control and do what I want thing is is I want to make her happy how do I please her in a way she really feels loved
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2021.09.20 04:39 xXMYRMI0NXx Casey Thompson QB1

I don’t think it’s even up for debate anymore. I know it was rice but Casey is a Baller. Card needs some time on the bench.
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2021.09.20 04:39 RIP_SGTJohnson Downsides of curved soprano

What I’ve heard is that essentially curved sopranos are looked down on because of intonation issues. I have a busted hand that makes supporting a straight sop a little uncomfortable, and I’ve been looking at a curved Eastman. Just wanna know what you guys think
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2021.09.20 04:39 aspencerr Week 2 Passing Chart of Teddy Bridgewater

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2021.09.20 04:39 futures-visuals Untitled by me, watercolor and ink on 4x5" paper

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2021.09.20 04:39 lochydjango beagle Subreddit Statistics

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2021.09.20 04:39 ribotin Religious Draconian Drug Legislature Objectively Yields the Greatest Utilitarian Benefit to Society

To illustrate the point, the Taliban's war on drugs was called the most effective in human history. Although it was known as the world's drug capital, it only took their ban one year before drugs effectively vanished from the country, a superlative that secularism has not matched. In spite of religious draconian methods, it it objectively superior over time. People harmed by drug bans vanish as new addicts decrease over time.
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2021.09.20 04:39 santaanawinds2017 what do you do if you find yourself triggered in a meeting?

Im sure it was rude to 'walk out' by turning off my camera but i didnt know how to deal.
The lead tonight shared his story and the contents were incredibly triggering because of my past traumas.
I get that everyone has a past and thats no one elses problem except for the people directly hurt.
I get that everyone has the right to share their story when invited to and thats fine. But there was no warning it was just right in my face and now i want to drink bad. I was having a good sober day until then.
What am i supposed to do in this situation? I hated to be rude but didnt know wht else to do.
Its my 19th day in AA. I still dont know my ass from my elbow here.
If anyone can advise thatd be great. But my sponsors busy today and cant talk, or else id try talking to her.
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2021.09.20 04:39 FeelingEmu6671 I (21m) don't feel valued in my relationship with my girlfriend (21F) How can I communicate these feelings to her?

Now, I have to be really careful the way I word myself in this post because from what I've noticed words can get misconstrued if you don't say them with one-hundred-percent intention on this website.
So I will explain myself from the beginning, I met my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years over social media. can't go into specifics on what social media site that is in case she has a Reddit account. We met at the beginning of the pandemic so we had nothing but free time to talk to each other. To get to know each other better, and it turns out we have a lot of things in common. so we hit it off and we really enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately we learned that we are relatively long distance but not in the way that you would think, we live an hour away from each other by car. So if we wanted to see each other in person it would need to be planned a little bit in advance. Besides, her family members are pretty toxic and they don't know about our relationship yet. She has stressed that us meeting during a pandemic isn't really the best idea since I am in a densely populated area. We're All vaccinated but Her family still wants her to be cautious since she lives with them. So for now we're just really gonna hang out in Discord calls, and find ways to spend time with each other through long distance means.
Now here is where the problem comes in, over the past couple of months we started to develop our Social Circle because of social media. Meaning we started to have our friend group expanded exponentially, I started to introduce her to some of the people that I knew & Vice versa and it just kind of took off from there. Now we have a fairly large friend group that we can talk to about anything and play video games with. We talk to them over Discord regularly, and when I Say regularly I mean REGULARLY. Like every day we spend in that server talking to everyone else in it. So much so to the point where I cannot remember the last time that me and her actually spent alone time together.
I'm pretty sure you can see where the problem is now coming in. We literally spent every waking moment with these people. And I love them and I value them immensely but the problem comes in where I'm not able to actually spend any kind of alone time with my significant other. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays are all spent on the server talking to our friends as a group. The only time that we actually get alone together is Friday. and sometimes that's not even guaranteed with the way that her family members are very prone to shoehorn themselves into our affairs. We actually start our date nights at like 7pm in the afternoon because that's the time that her family members don't need her for miscellaneous tasks. So realistically I only get alone time with her from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on a Friday. So I am only relegated to 6 hours out of the week,
Here's the part that hurts a lot though, she is more willing to spend alone time with other people in the friend group way more than me. because she says she has to be an open ear for our friends. Now I will admit I'm a very selfish individual when it comes to relationships but I completely understand And will do my utmost to accommodate the need for social connection. But it kind of Trades over a line when other people have more value than I do in the relationship. I'm not so egotistical to the point where I believe I should be the center of her attention 24/7 but at the very least I feel like I should get more than a few hours in one day Out of one day in the week.
I recently got a job, and I wasn't able to actually be there for 90% of the Discord calls that would usually go down in a week. and lo and behold when I pulled Myself Away To focus on my job that's when she found The Willpower to spend alone time with me other than Friday. She brought up the idea of playing video games with me and she hasn't done that in over a month. I don't want to have to go down a toxic ass path of intentionally ignoring her so I can feel valued in the relationship.
So reddit, what the hell do you think I should do? Should I just tough it out until the end of the pandemic when I can actually go see her in person more often? Or should I find a way to tactfully bring up this issue with her?
Tldr; my significant other spends a large amount of time with people in our friend group and I'm only relegated to 6 hours on a Friday. I feel underappreciated. How do I convey this message to her?
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2021.09.20 04:39 CaptinDerpII Slave Juan 2022?

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2021.09.20 04:39 jgkog Das Licht am Ende des Tunnels

Ich sehe einen fernen Lichtpunkt.
Jenen am Ende des Tunnels.
Noch ist es still, doch es wird schon bald etwas gewaltiges geschehen.
Mit einem Klicken hinter mir wird es in Gang gesetzt.
Endgültig, von hier gibt es kein Zurück.
Ein Sekundenbruchteil Stille, dann ein Lautes Krachen.
Die Zerstörung wird freigesetzt.
Ich spüre Hitze hinter mir.
Es drängt mich nach vorne zum Licht.
Ich werde gejagt von der Hitze und zugleich treibt sie mich an.
Endlich, das Licht, ich erreiche es.
Ich fliege aus dem Tunnel heraus.
Aus dem Licht wird jetzt der helllichten Tag.
Die Hitze hinter mir ist kaum noch zu spüren, immer schneller entferne ich mich von ihr.
Diese Geschwindigkeit gefällt mir.
Ich lasse mich noch weiter in den Tag, noch weiter in die Freiheit schleudern.
Ich rase durch die Welt.
Alles ist drunter und drüber und es dreht sich.
So schnell zieht alles an mir vorbei.
Der Gegenwind ist kühl und frisch, belebend nach dieser erdrückenden Hitze.
Ich zerwirble rücksichtslos den Morgendunst der die Luft in den Sonnenstrahlen glitzern lässt.
Dann sehe ich es, das Hindernis dass mich unweigerlich zum Halt bringen wird.
Ich rase darauf zu, unaufhaltsam.
Ein unausweichlicher Zusammenstoss der meinem Freiheitstrip ein jähes Ende bereitet.
Ich pralle auf, nein bohre mich hinein.
Diese Wärme und diese Dunkelheit, sie umgeben mich schon wieder.
Ich muss es weiter schaffen, ich muss mich hindurch pressen, mich verformen, mich durchquetschen.
Ich muss.
Doch es reicht nicht, ich bin wieder gefangen in der Dunkelheit.
Diesmal ist kein Licht in der Ferne.
Jemand anders sieht jetzt ein Licht am Ender des Tunnels.
Ein kleiner leuchtender Punkt umringt von pechschwarzen Wänden.
Ein Tunnel der immer länger wird.
Ein Tunnel dessen Lichtpunkt sich immer weiter vom Betrachter entfernt.
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2021.09.20 04:39 terrorbyte0 Are there stupid tattoo designs?

Be honest
View Poll
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2021.09.20 04:39 HKRGaming Math is hard

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2021.09.20 04:39 -Griffungus- What scale would you guys think that the new at st would be in at 50$? I think it would be around the same size of this one but obviously better because of the change in techniques over the years

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2021.09.20 04:39 Blak_dice [PS4] LFG Looking for team to play with consistently

Looking for intelligent players to play with consistently. PS5 or PS4 preferred so we can turn off cross play to avoid the hackers. Typically play almost every day. from 6 PM EST to 2 AM at the latest and anytime on weekends. I am down to join an existing group or create one with folks we meet here. I consider myself pretty good at the game and able to get double digit kills or near that consistently. Here's some old highlights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdHN4IAw7d0 I am better now then this video shows but I was never a slouch. Below are the do's and don'ts that will allow us to mesh and be an EXCELLENT team. You can read below but long story short im looking for experienced folks that play often. I have 100 + BR Wins and get 5 kills on my bad games 10 + on my good ones.
Have at least a 1 KD. You don't have to be a cracked psycho but some level of sweat and skill is good. 1 KD at least shows me you contribute. KD isn't everything though.
Use rotation strategy. Cut off teams that are waiting too long to get to zone. Think ahead and put yourself in position to hold teams and not get held. Success is all about positioning.
Communicate. Tired of people that think their too good to use coms. If you see a team call it out don't be so kill greedy that you turn an easy team wipe into you and your squad mates getting melted unnecessarily. Good comms is a must be descriptive. right here, right here is not comms.
Play the numbers. If it's Quads and your the only squad mate alive with a friend in the Gulag know when to bail out and go for the rez or grab the right contract. Too many people go straight for a Most Wanted when you can grab a supply run and bring back team mates easily
Focus on kills AND Wins. I prefer the scav bounty bounty bounty strategy. I'm all about positioning. Sometimes its best to avoid a fight to set yourself up for final zone. We are not going to camp in the middle of the map but sometimes you have to know when to hold a power position.
Focus on teammates and not thirsting. If someone is down look for the squad mates dont immediately thirst!
Be an adult. No 13/15 yr old kids blabbering nonsense endlessly
Push a team thats in the gas. This is the most idiotic thing ever. If you have zone simply wait until they exit cover than light them up.
Automatically shoot everything you see. A quick moment could be the difference between dropping someone in the open and giving them time to get to cover.
Revive while there is a threat. Know when to rez and when to play your life/ kill the threat.
Go off and do random shit. I get looting etc. but there's no reason for the squad to be spread out > 100 meters unless you doing a specific task. Landing by yourself off rip will make me quit the game and block you
Push like an idiot, flank with cover, down one or two before you go in. Crossing an open field to push a squad of 4 because you downed one person is never smart.
Example Game:
Here is a couple games with my old mates that feels like a quality match. Solid kill numbers with good decision making.

You can reply to this post or reach out to my on PSN: blak_dice
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2021.09.20 04:39 Cool-Finger7222 What is the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced?

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2021.09.20 04:39 sharddblade What database does ClickUp use?

This is a technical/internal question. I’ve noticed that changes in ClickUp often take a few seconds to become applicable. In some cases, the culprit seems to be frontend change detection, but in other cases, if I add a tag, a coworker may not see that tag for several seconds even after a refresh, i.e. there doesn’t seem to be strong consistency. All that to say I’ve been curious about which database ClickUp uses under the hood?
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