Quiero que mi novia me sea infiel y yo verla

2021.09.20 04:16 yemeps Quiero que mi novia me sea infiel y yo verla

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2021.09.20 04:16 NitsujOfCanadia Skipped church for the first time

I ignored my parents as they tried to wake me up for church until they just left. I then proceeded to sleep until they got home. I felt so much better that I didn't have to deal with that for the day
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2021.09.20 04:16 Emper0rRaccoon Imo the flow of invading is too slow

When I invade it usually starts with a minute of waiting to find a match and then five to ten minutes of camping until colt reveals himself. Then I can finally enjoy a minute or two of combat (if I don't get instantly sniped by someone with thirty more hours than me). And after I win or die (usually die) I have to do the whole process of waiting again just for a couple more minutes of gameplay. Now I admit that the wait time gets severely decreased if colt sucks or if he kills me instantly from the get go but the majority times it's like five minutes of waiting for the fun part.
If I could just instantly be put back into matchmaking after I complete a game instead of having to go through the annoying end screen and unlocks menu, I think it would help the flow of invading.
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2021.09.20 04:16 -softly twin sister being immature

i honestly never go on this subreddit, but i feel like i needed to this time because i feel like nobody would understand this situation even if i try to explain it and would tell me to suck it up, but let me tell you it's been like this for years and nothing has changed. i am sick and tired of being told "fuck you" and "you don't care" by my sister because of this lol. my twin is obviously the same age as me and it shocks me that she still acts like this even though we are both adults. we live in the same house and if she's hungry she will do anything to make it known that she is- something that a toddler would do. examples of this would be her texting me that she is hungry or two, barge into my room to tell me. when i tell her to go eat, she just says fuck you or you don't care. she wants me to always go downstairs with her, even if i am not hungry and don't plan on eating. sometimes i go and end up eating and whenever i dont is when she basically throws it all out on me and tries to put the responsibility on me for not "caring". i'm really sick of being told i don't care when we literally eat at different times during the day. she'll wake up later than me so of course i'll eat earlier. i don't know, it's like she hasn't grown out of that.
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2021.09.20 04:16 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: https://t.co/JsTTBi1LNe

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2021.09.20 04:16 theskuxphillo I can't believe me nutting at the right time on a porn vid gave me the motivation to do cardio

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2021.09.20 04:16 alxndrthagreat Making all new contributions to Roth 401k

Hey all, occasional lurker here and curious to hear from the investing community. I started a new job and their 401k platform (Fidelity) is much friendlier in fees compared to my previous firm’s. They also offer a Roth 401k account! However they don’t match contributions per paycheck but do it towards the end of every year - historically they’ve matched 100% up to 4% of contributions.
I typically put in $1500 every month investing in high returning/low fee ETFs starting the year off by maximizing my Roth IRA, HSA then contribute to my regular taxable brokerage account. Now with access to funds on the 401k that I normally invest into on my Roth/HSA/brokerage accounts, would you - in my shoes - continue to invest in a regular brokerage account when I can take advantage of a Roth 401k during my time here?
Love to hear all of your insights!
TL;DR: started at new firm that offers access to my regular lineup of ETFs in their 401k/Roth 401k. Should I bother investing in regular taxable brokerage account?
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2021.09.20 04:16 Knokator Is it okay?

So I woke up at 10pm and I couldn't sleep until 7am. Is it okay to take concerta around 8am?
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2021.09.20 04:16 Nottheb33z My win to hit Lvl. 20 in KC Cup

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2021.09.20 04:16 LordScott91 What happens when I max out the number of uses on an arte?

Im about 100 or so away from getting all stars on Reigning Slash, does it just make it stronger?
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2021.09.20 04:16 GabeRaptorE Doof platypus is cursed

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2021.09.20 04:16 PokeMeBoy Looks like my cactus wanted to say "Hi" 🌵

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2021.09.20 04:16 TraderNuwen So it seems I have a choice... which Elder should I pick?

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2021.09.20 04:16 cgaels6650 Why can't American car companies make as quality of a sedan as the Japanese and Korean car companies?

I know American companies make good trucks but every highly rated sedan or family SUV is Japanese or Korean.
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2021.09.20 04:16 clip_mirror_bot Pokimane popping off and gets a crazy ace

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2021.09.20 04:16 SendItFella Can't get sisters of parvo or kuva liches to spawn

I did the call of tempestarii/war within/bought a railjack, but nothing works to get anything to spawn. Screen wont flicker after finishing objective for kuva liches in lvl 20+ missions, and sisters wont spawn after getting tier 3 in the granum void with a Zenith crown. Not sure what else i'm missing but i've been at this for 3 days trying to figure it out.
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2021.09.20 04:16 is-now-wayne I am torn between "technology illiterate" and "ignorance".

I've been mulling over this thought for a while now.
It originated from when I encountered customers in 2021 who were oblivious to the existence of SIM cards and how cellular signal works. There are still people who are unaware phone numbers are linked to SIM cards or that cellular signal is required for text messaging and phone calls.
This has been the norm since good ol' Nokia 3310 days. I genuinely fail to comprehend how this is possible in 2021. Rather than succumb to negative or destructive judgment, I would rather honestly understand how this happens.
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2021.09.20 04:16 erdenebz Jimmy and Chuck have the same character flaw

My BCS Pseudo Character Analyses Part 1:
Chuck receives no love from his parents and becomes resentful/vindictive, because they were probably the ones who he depended on for approval/affection.
Jimmy receives no love from his brother and becomes resentful/vindictive, because Chuck was the one who he depended on for approval/affection.
Go give some love to your family, people
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2021.09.20 04:16 Shout_Out_XO Personal Top 100 (all ears for recommendations)

Personal Top 100 (all ears for recommendations)
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2021.09.20 04:16 AlvinDedeaux Here's How You Tie My Favorite Bass Fly

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2021.09.20 04:16 No_Record_1899 Lilly Iglehart remind me of tilly green from “ big city greens”

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2021.09.20 04:16 AccomplishedExam178 Click this!

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2021.09.20 04:16 JibbledMan Minecraft 1.17.1 Floating Islands Challenge Part 1

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2021.09.20 04:16 nostoppin Ninebot Max G30P Charging Repairs

Gen 2 Max won’t charge with the 3 circle cable or the below charger. Left it in storage for about 3 months, went through a heavy rainstorm for about 2 days.

  1. Where can I get repairs in the Washington DC area?
  2. Is the below charger the wrong one for the max?
  3. Are there any resources for self repairs?
Segway Ninebot Battery Charger: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T5N5Q6P?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
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2021.09.20 04:16 Almusalogist test

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