Long periods of no UpdateTip messages

2021.09.20 03:08 Legitimate_Acadia_43 Long periods of no UpdateTip messages

I have some issues similar to this: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/105175/no-new-updatetip-just-pre-allocating-up-to-position
Should I go to main menu and repair the entire blockchain?
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2021.09.20 03:08 fftank26 I love BGE pizzas! We’ve been stuck in chicken Alfredo for awhile, nice to do something else.

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2021.09.20 03:08 goblins_though NSPnDnD vol. 3: Equine Overkill

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2021.09.20 03:08 TarynVictrix Enrolled in waitlist for Shakepay card and lost streak the same day?

Is it possible enrolling in the waitlist for the Shakepay card reset my streak September 13? I find it hard to believe I missed shaking and this seems like a strange coincidence these two things happened the same day...
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2021.09.20 03:08 FIRATFLIX It's really odd you know..

A friend, a lover, one person can change our lives and there is 7 billion+ people in the world. And yet, we're alone. Life loves dark humor. I'm asking myself "what's wrong with me?" seriously, what is the reason that all the people in my age has dozens of friends, relationships and they spend their days outside having fun? What do they have that I don't? I'm smart, people think I'm smart, my conversation skills are good and I'm pretty concious about my bad habits and I'm always open for change, I take criticism and I'm self aware. But I don't have anyone. I have a lot of people, but I don't have anyone. I know I'm alone. I know it because I'm crying writing this. Posting this won't change anything. There is no point for posting it, but I do. Sometimes you inflate like a baloon and you just need to let go of that air a bit. I apologise for stealing your time because this post doesn't have any purpose. Thank you for reading.
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2021.09.20 03:08 Era-naru1712 Soon to be first time DM

Hi i got my first DnD game coming up soon and I'm just looking for some hints and tricks seen as i have three homebrew characters and all plays are as new as me ps on mobile
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2021.09.20 03:08 knienze93 Caption this mugshot

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2021.09.20 03:08 MyKDSucksSoMuch My Boss's '65 Impala

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2021.09.20 03:08 impossiblecomplexity Do you think you'll be more hype if you play Dark Souls every day until release, or fast some time before?

Currently I play Dark Souls/Demon's Souls a little bit to a lot every day, with short breaks occasionally.
If you are going to play, what will you be playing the week/month before in preparation?
If you're going to fast, when should you start fasting, and what are you going to play instead?
Or you could get really crazy and play no video games at all for some time before?
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2021.09.20 03:08 ZeDenman For a 2100m shot, I'm pretty please with this :D

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2021.09.20 03:08 Estjar 10 days of Guru event and how many links you level up?

I start, only 4 low lvl links got a level
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2021.09.20 03:08 craveforyou MK6 Best riding suspension for daily (IRS)

I am looking for the most comfortable setup for daily driving with a 2016 Jetta S while I am refreshing my suspension.
Not looking for coilover setup as I'd like to keep a budget in mind. Otherwise I'd go with HPA SHS or Koni coilovers.

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2021.09.20 03:08 PseudoSane00 Leaky air handler (00 Rheem Classic)

HomeImprovement said I should send these questions your way:
Two weeks ago, the fan motor on my outside HVAC unit died (which is a 2000s era Rheem Classic). A tech came out and replaced the fan motor. There was also several inches of water in a puddle under the air handler in the crawlspace, which the tech didn't seem too concerned about, and he basically just used the wet/dry vac on the condensation drain line and then cut away some wet insulation that covered one side of the air handler (he told me to replace it in a few weeks when it's dried out).
I went in the crawlspace tonight to check on things. The HVAC was running at the time, and I noticed the air handler was dripping heavily again. The water is coming out at the bottom right where the handler meets the ductwork (picture). That's not supposed to happen right? I hadn't noticed the rust because it was covered by the insulation until a week ago.
While I was down there I noticed for the first time ever (after living here 6 years), a little sticker on the side of the HCAV that says "filter access panel" (picture), here's a zoomed in picture of the message (picture).
My first thought was... "holy shit, there's a filter down here!?" I remove the panel, and there's no filter to be seen? (picture 1, picture 2). Should there be an air filter in there? Is it missing?
Any help is appreciated!
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2021.09.20 03:08 Willing_Range_3838 Join and help me out

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2021.09.20 03:08 johnbuck156 Cookout vs. Cookout "Outdoors style"

Has anyone been to both? Any differences or is one better?
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2021.09.20 03:08 Policy-Expensive As the popularity of sdc increases in Korea, the popularity of wallstreetbets is also increasing. Koreans are paying attention to wallstreetbets. wallstreetbets = korean 월벳

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2021.09.20 03:08 urimerhav I built a tiny react app for background removal (free). Would love some feedback if it's useful to you guys!

I think the results are superior to Photoshop's background removal, and on par with remove.bg - but it's free. Would appreciate any comments at all on whether this might be useful to webdevs: http://photo-bear-prod.herokuapp.com/
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2021.09.20 03:08 Ronburgundy619 Advice for math for an old dude

Hey everybody, looking for some advice on what math I should focus on to score a 500, I’ve been out of high school for a long time but need SAT scores with a minimum of 460 math for a program I am applying for. Any tips? My practice tests place me around 440-490.
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2021.09.20 03:08 Putrid_Exchange4802 Alva Jay nude show her perfect boos with erotic lingerie

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2021.09.20 03:08 sailormewmew95 Tried to help

So I messaged someone who has a long store with good reviews because they put up some fake Pokémon cards and I could tell they didn’t know they were fake and wanted to help them not ruin there good ratings by selling fake products, they told me they bought them off Walmart’s website and seemed grateful and how to tell if they were fake and that she would return them with a strongly worded letter, I go to reply and she blocked me from contacting her now?? AND reposted the cards with stock photos with new photos of the fake cards in top loaders to hide that they are fake.. Why do I even try lol
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2021.09.20 03:08 merewautt IIN (If I need) TV Series that hook you from the very first episode?

I've been wanting to start a new series lately, but haven't really felt like I've found anything that I was super sure about.
I'm not the type of person that can wait out half a season, let alone a full season or two, before the show gets good. For some reason I can only really do "growers" for music and book series. For TV, I'll just turn it off with all the good intentions of trying and get into it, but never stream it ever again.
Things I've liked to watch in the past:
-Off beat docu-series (just watch Lula-Rich this weekend and it held my attention pretty well). Netflix does these really well, but I've probably watched every single one of them on the service.
-I like True Crime but I've probably seen the documentary or docu-series you're gonna suggest so I really don't need True Crime recs. Just thought I'd mention I like the vibe.
-Series that I've actually started and finished: Mad Men, American Horror Story, How To Get Away with Murder (Not high art or anything overall, but a perfect example of something that got me hooked from the very first episode), Law & Order SVU, Archer, 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Fleabag (binged it in one weekend), Derry Girls, Bojack Horseman, Schitt's Creek, The Politician, YOU on netflix (patiently awaiting season 3)
I guess I'd especially kind of like thriller TV show recs like YOU, How to Get Away with Murder, AHS, etc. but I'm up for any recs you think of. I have access to Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+, and might be willing to do a free trial of HBO Max for the right show. Not really trying to torrent anything at the moment.
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2021.09.20 03:08 musadivarainha Selling a $30 Australian PSN giftcard

Hi guys, I'm selling a $30 Australia PSN card because I'm dumb and got it for accident thinking it would work on my Brazilian PSn account.
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2021.09.20 03:08 thegratefulkook Selling 1 GA tickets for 9/22 show at Red Butte Garden

Unfortunately, can’t make it anymore. Please dm if interested! Gonna be a hell of a show
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2021.09.20 03:08 Arabgirls34 Just evolved my perfect Chesnaught

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2021.09.20 03:08 Artj1 No country for old penis

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