This sub educates me and helps me be a better father to my sons

2021.09.20 04:03 TurboPaved This sub educates me and helps me be a better father to my sons

A FB post from a close friend about using social media to read about (but not comment or reply--though the irony of what I'm doing right now doesn't escape me) and learn from the experiences of marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ groups compels me to finally write this long-overdue letter of thanks to every woman who has shared their experiences here.
Seriously. Thank you.
I'm approaching 40, which should already give you an idea on what era of media, thinking, and social interaction I grew up in and around. I'm a father to two boys, four years old and 20 months.
Just as a casual observer of this sub, I learned a couple of things.

There's more I want to say, but honestly it's not important. Please know that there are men on Reddit who are learning how to be better from what you share here.
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2021.09.20 04:03 Carameliii Purple Hypnotist

Hi there, I'm looking for a user named The Purple Hypnotist. I love your YouTube Channel and I want to come on to your session. Is it free?
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2021.09.20 04:03 sellout1014 Northern or Southern Iceland for 5 day trip in mid-October?

As title main priorities are:
-Avoiding crowds -Possibility of seeing Northern Lights -Ease of driving (though I understand this may not be possible or guaranteed) -Natural beauty & hikes -Saunas
I'm leaning towards Southern - I understand it's a more popular location typically and it sounds like October is shoulder season, so it may be a good opportunity to check out those more oft-visited spots. It also sounds like the Northern lights can be visible from either part of Iceland.
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2021.09.20 04:03 SectorLegitimate They’re Mad

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2021.09.20 04:03 Nohan07 Journées du patrimoine : L'histoire de Pamandzi chatouille l'esprit des plus jeunes

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2021.09.20 04:03 skodes21 Lowering Springs

Alright y'all can laugh at me if I'm thinking about this too much but lowering springs. Are they going to cause problems with my suspension or other components over time. I'm an engineer and have a decent knowledge on how spring and damper systems are engineered. Essentially the spring rate directly affects the resulting force applied by the whole system. So if the spring rate is changed the damper will be less effective and therefore more force and vibrations on the rest of the car. So do any of you have experience with just doing lowering springs and can tell me I'm thinking about this too much?
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2021.09.20 04:03 MajorRasta Eydis vs Alice Anime Mash up Battle

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2021.09.20 04:03 Happy_Phantom Elize Ryd

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2021.09.20 04:03 riddlepoe Best Advanced Glute Workout?

Hi! I have been lifting for a while now, and I want to try a new routine that will definitely help me grow my glutes more. Could you suggest a schedule or a fitness guide? Thank you!
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2021.09.20 04:03 Blendtruck1099 UG Student needing some help on where to look for internship opportunities for both S22 and Su22

Currently a second semester Junior Industrial systems and management engineer at Rensselaer polytechnic institute. Between LinkedIn and Handshake I’ve submitted applications for nearly 70 positions and have had little to no success. If you have any idea on where else I could look to apply or a different method please pm me!
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2021.09.20 04:03 yond_deputy84 Mom Is Unhappy That I Want To Use A Tampon To Go To the Pool

For PE, we needed to be in the water to get participation points (it's the only unit where we can't make up for lost points, btw). But my mother thinks that tampons are evil unless you're no longer a virgin and will destroy your uterus or something. That's dumb. How are you able to fit a penis into your vagina and bring a baby into this world if you can't put a single tampon inside? How does that make any fucking sense? And she refuses to talk to me about it because apparently the topic of using a tampon trigger stress or anger in her. God, this is so fucking irritating.

Our native language isn't English, and she read it from a different language. That may explain the feelings, because the standards of hygiene products in some countries... aren't so great. But tampons need to be FDA-approved in the U.S. I read government & some medical articles about it, and nothing's wrong. A little nervous about using a tampon, but hey, it's not a big deal.
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2021.09.20 04:03 Unholy8 Complete list of ALL Rayman 2d games?

Hello guys!
I could not think of a better place to ask this question : is there a complete list of 2D Rayman games somewhere?
And if there isn't, maybe we could build such a list here. I could edit this post to add all of your additions.
A list that would be great, I think would include, at least, the following infos :

I'm personally not interested in all the Gameloft games and such made for mobile, but they could be added to our list if other people are interested. Maybe in a separate list?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and take care!
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2021.09.20 04:03 DigiDork2001 New Plushies.

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2021.09.20 04:03 kingjaymes1234 Should I or should I not?

Not gonna give anymore context
View Poll
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2021.09.20 04:03 kershaw8706 MRW im asked "What did you do on your vacation?"

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2021.09.20 04:03 American_Fascist713 God, Alexa's ass is incredible

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2021.09.20 04:03 astroteacher [WP] After a thorough investigation of the physics of the "floating information box" phenomena above people's heads, you finally figure out the mechanism and start screwing with the information various people can see. Then you figure out how to monetize it, all while keeping it secret.

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2021.09.20 04:03 LilyMcAllister 59% OFF! Amazon's Choice [Amazon] Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader

59% OFF! Amazon's Choice [Amazon]
Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader
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2021.09.20 04:03 Squaring_The_Circle1 Coolio made for TV Movie with Jay Z as Coolio.

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2021.09.20 04:03 ads4vivek On a rainy day

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2021.09.20 04:03 corrinmana Stack of Shame (Games you've been meaning to play)

The Minis gamers have their piles of shame, (minis unbuilt and/or unpainted). I was considering listing my stack of shame (games I've bought the book for but haven't played yet). If included digital content, I'd pass the character cap, and physicals is a short list, so instead I'm going to list the games I've actually wanted to play, but just haven't gotten around to finding a group, or putting one together.
John Carter 2d20 Dune 2d20 (This one won't be on the list soon) Nibiru Agon Homebrew OSR game, revisiting classic D&D modules (the good ones) Everway A game using a tarot deck for resolution Exalted, but in another system (there's a cortex hack that I think I'd enjoy) Fragged Empire Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok Fight Ganganok Hollow earth Expedition, but in another system (might be graftable onto John Carter) Tenra Bansho Zero Terra the Gunslinger (would have to translate it first :) ) Judge Dread Nobilis Legend of the 5 Rings (not sure which edition, liked the look of 4th the best) Knight (French Scifi RPG) LIFTS (That's not a misspelling, it's a game where you work out to accomplish tasks) Torchbearer Invisible Sun Liminal UltraViolet Greasslands Heart of Wulin Righteous Blood Ruthless Blades Vaeson Neverland A Rasp of Sand The King is Dead Long Live the Queen Sleepover Camp Our Travelling Home Werewolf Spire: the City Must Fall (I did run a one shot, but I want to run a campaign) Heart: The City Beneath Rapscallion Blue Beard's Bride Pugmire (played a demo game at a con, but want a full campaign) Orun Emberwind
List certainly not complete
There's no actual shame here, but a fun exercise in looking at what has attracted your attention.
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2021.09.20 04:03 Money_Television225 How Can I Improve My Ball Python’s Enclosure?

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2021.09.20 04:03 13thcranialnerve Aspen DNP Program -- 100% online only cost you $349/month

Aspen DNP Program -- 100% online only cost you $349/month These are the state program goals. not once in the goals does it say teach the fundamentals of medical knowledge and how to diagnose and treat illness.
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2021.09.20 04:03 SoNotTheHeroType Some more How to RP1 stuff!

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2021.09.20 04:02 Druwe117 One room dungeon wtf

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