2021.09.20 04:24 oldhearthgaming KEBOCORAN DATA | Watch Dogs 2 | PS4 PRO | GAMEPLAY | PART 15 | INDONESIA

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2021.09.20 04:24 GhostasaurusMeh [SPOILER HEAVY / DELTARUNE Theory] Angelical Manipulation, Return of the Genocide Route.

I've already said this before in a Discord Server, but the fact that DELTARUNE Chapter 2 sees the return of a full-on Genocide Route that not only is it hard to trigger, making its appearance all the more odd, but has high stakes consequences towards the entire story it's completely chilling for me.
No pun intended, BTW.
You see, the Genocide Route in UNDERTALE was hella' DARK. probably the most disturbing thing to come out of the former game, but its presence could be excused in terms of story and backed up by the lore; You could excuse Frisk's actions by blaming it all on CHARA, or say that this specific version of Frisk fought in defense before ultimately falling victim of the LOVE mechanic and yet again unleashing CHARA.
But in DELTARUNE...?
There's not excuse to Kris' borderline actions...
In a normal playthrough which I guess now we can finally call the Pacifist Route, we're ALREADY shown a Kris with dual personalities: Player Kris and Player-less Kris;
Player Kris is the depressed yet creative hometown kid with a broken family that is just starting to form new relationships with his best bud Susie and the rest of the town. But when no one's watching him, Kris for some reason goes out of his own control to unleash bull just for... reasons.
This is Player-less Kris. The one that speaks to himself in the mirror's dialog sequences and the one that discards our Avatar at the SURVEY sequence of Chapter 1:
"No one can choose to be what they want in this world. Your name is Kris"
"This is what THEY call YOU."
And on a Pacifist Playthrough we already see the shifts between personalities as both Kris are able to express themselves, act without our input, and have choices. But Player-less Kris tops Player Kris' actions by A LOT.
He messes with people, he manipulates situations, traumatizes people for his joy, stalks on people and even gets on their home to spook them, and has been the cause of opening Dark Fountains through HomeTown to trick The Player onto The Dark World... AND THIS IS ON A PACIFIST PLAYTHROUGH.
Going Genocide however... YIKES.
You see, the way you activate your Genocide Route is through manipulation to an specific character whose already has a tight connection and deep trust towards Kris: Noelle, his childhood friend.
Normally The Player would do the normal genocidal deals like kill until the town is empty, and do bad choices that ultimately leads to muss murder and chaos. Y'know, the usual UNDERTALE stuff.
BUT having now partners tops things a notch! Giving you the choice to do probably one of the most disturbing things I've had yet to see in the franchise: Manipulation onto killing, Which is an option The Player has from the very get go when Noelle joins your party.
After that happens, triggering all town NPCs options that describe your relationship with Noelle with seemingly flirty answers such as "We are more than friends" and telling Noelle you'd ride the...
That fucking wheel. With her.
Will start triggering your ACTUAL Genocide Route in which, once you get with Berdly there is no turn back.
If you've been killing enemies with Noelle's freeze attack and ultimately use it on Berdly, THAT'S where the Genocide Route fully takes place within the DELTARUNE Universe.
It shows how your input has had such drastic changes in a universe that was mostly streamlined until Kris began messing with Dark Fountains using OUR SOUL'S DETERMINATION, that you've created a divergence within the timeline, one where you CAN actually kill.
But that's not the messed up part.
Unlike in UNDERTALE where your killing COULD BE justified if we looked at it as self-protection or possession, DELTARUNE shows us what Player-less Kris is trying to archive: A timeline in which he can and ultimately have them kill one another.
If you truly think I'm joking look no further how the Berdly fight, which by this point has gotten a spike in difficulty with more direct attacks, ends:
if you've done things correctly you'd know by this point in time Noelle had been made paranoid by Kris as he has forced her onto awkward situations and onto killing. The last straw for her is WHEN SHE DEAD-ASS FREEZES BERDLY CAUSING HIS DEATH.
I'm not joking. Ultimately this breaks Noelle as she walks away, changing the game's path, just wanting to go home and not be around Kris.
And the most to top it all, this doesn't happen in front of Player-less Kris... It happens to Player Kris.
When Kris is seem to be reunited with Susie and Ralsei after taking Noelle's alternative shortcut, Susie commentates on how Kris seems to be... down. She states this as if he had been hurt in a long battle, but the truth is Player Kris is HORRIFIED of what he has just witnessed;
Two of his classmates, fighting eachother based on their own desires now possibles now due to the Dark World, and eventually having one kill the other.
And all seemingly his fault.
He cannot do much but watch and stare and the horrific event in front of him.
This reaction right here sorta confirms my earlier thoughts in regard Player Kris and Player-less Kris being two separate entities we control, that both the mind and SOUL are different people despite US being in control of one of them.
Both Player and Player-less Kris are seen to interact and speak, have choices, move on their own, and feel. They just do so in different and sparse occasions, and one having the most obvious impact in the story without our control.
It also explains why Kris was so scared in Chapter 1 about entering the Supply Closet when he had supposedly gone there before. Thing is, he wasn't unaware of what The Dark World even was and was just as afraid as Susie of what was in front of him;
Which makes sense given that everytime Player-less Kris went to study dark magic or create a new fountain, Player Kris' SOUL/our only connection with Player Kris was imprisoned in a bird cage prior to OUR arrival.
Player Kris is just as confused as we are about everything that's going on, and in the Genocide Route he fell victim, he made his classmates kill each other and he cannot blame anyone but seemingly himself. And the worst part of it is that this is just an appetizer of an worst case scenario of what's actually gonna be the WORST case scenario.
Now I stole this small part of the theory from the homie u/LupertEverett, big shout out to him for taking away my next 6 years of sleep with the following scenario;
But in the ending, when we see Player-less Kris opening a new Dark Fountain inside of his own home we see Susie and Toriel sleeping with him, all both in their respective couches.
Why is this worrisome?
Well, if the tearing of the caveman's invention that Kris had done earlier to Toriel's car isn't a big enough red sign, in a Pacifist Route, when you and Susie finally close the CYBER-WORLD's Dark Fountain, both Berdly and Noelle are seen sleeping much like how Kris and Susie woke up from a dream through their first travel. This serves to make Kris and Susie trick them onto it being a dream.
HOWEVER, in a Genocide Route Noelle does wake up from the dream, but not Berdly.
Kris and Susie pretend that is all a dream still, with the big difference Noelle is now totally paranoid over Kris, but when you approach Berdly... the dialog implies he still hasn't woken up nor he'll ever do.
Dying inside the Dark World meant he'd die in real life. Berdly died out of brain damage.
This is not only sad but horrifying because it means one thing, most of Kris' classroom is at the hand of Player-less Kris who now is apparent is the one behind creating the Dark Fountains within HomeTown, and is doing so for either sadistic pleasure of as a mean to preserve what he loves and getting rid of what he hates, like Berdly.
But even if that was not the case, it means the following:
Kris has set up yet another trap, not just for the SOUL but also, most mind-blowingly, Susie and Toriel.
His two most beloved close ones who we as a The Player and as possibly The Other Kris we'll see at the verge of the trap Player-less Kris has set up, Either to be saved by us The SOUL or ultimately see them kill one another by the cause of Kris, just like it happened with Noelle and Berdly.
It's terrifying.
This could confirm one thing, that maybe Kris is The Knight, The Lightner capable of creating Dark Fountains out of thin air and the one making people such as The Spade King, The Queen, Jevil and Spamton go insane... But I don't think that's true. If Kris had been the one to be one person all of the above talked to, they would've recognized Player Kris as the person they were talking to.
No, ladies and gentleman, I'm here to tell you that Player-less Kris, or Kris in general, is not The Knight... He IS The Angel.
Let's rewind back to the original Angel legend seen in UNDERTALE told by Gerson, shall we?
We're told they're a being of superiority coming to Monsters to LIBERATE them. Some even believed that said liberation could be a cause of genocide rather than salvation. And what do we see Kris do in DELTARUNE?
He creates Dark Fountains out of thin air with the intention of LIBERATING MONSTERS from their world as implied by Jevil. He teleports them to a land of joy, Kris' land of joy.
And this is supported by the mere existence of Ralsei, Player-Kris' Knight. A being who knows the ins and outs of HomeTown: How it looks, how to travel between Dark World without turning to stone, how Dark Fountains work, meta UNDERTALE game mechanics, and who were Kris and Susie WITHOUT KNOWING THEM PRIOR TO CHAPTER 1.
Not only that, he is a being that often misleads Kris and Susie onto doing his binding to strength his Dark Fountain, such as suspiciously making Player Kris moves objects from one Dark World to another or telling them a legend in which all three of them need to seal Dark Fountains for the world's good when he himself is never present when it actually happens, Kris is always seen with Susie.
All this seems to be just so his and Player-less Kris' fountain grows stronger in DETERMINATION, as we know they're created by the manifestation of Hopes and Dreams mixed with Dark Matter.
What I'm trying to get here is that meanwhile Ralsei is the Knight, Player-less Kris' knight made in the shape of Asriel just so we can trust him.
Player-less Kris is The ANGEL! The one being GASTER wants to get rid of seeing as he's in favor of Player Kris/The SOUL by giving them indirect assistance, but not so much of the being that's tampering with multiple realities at the same time; Player-less Kris.
The take away here is that Player-less Kris is creating his heaven, Angel's Heaven. A place in which no one can abandon him, where he can do his binding, where he can have joy seeing everyone do his orders or perish, a nd we as Player Kris or The SOUL or The discarded Avatar are just about to clash with him because unless we do something, Toriel might die on his hands.
And I SO totally bet it'll be her because one, Player-less Kris hates people that get in his way such as Toriel which is constantly scolding him. And two, because the game by that point will be only at Chapter 3. Player-less Kris too seems to want to have Susie around for something to do with his final plan which I assume are implied in The Legend, so it seems to me like his plans can continue without Toriel but not without Susie.
What do you guys think?
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2021.09.20 04:24 mjmilino “Worst-case scenario he’s Kelce.”

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2021.09.20 04:24 girlskth the final hug

it breaks my heart that when wilhelm said i love you simon hugged him tighter. he wanted to say it back :(
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2021.09.20 04:24 morningstar82 This rare old man likes to fake a limp when he wants extra attention

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2021.09.20 04:24 SnooStrawberries2444 This made me smile

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2021.09.20 04:24 hiroshin619 Grazing board we did for 12-15 guest 🍷🍇🧀

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2021.09.20 04:24 nicksocksss Overpopulation thoughts on acid

Human need planets to survive on, similar to how viruses need a host. Since we have not been able to find another planet that can support life (not to mention that one as beautiful as earth),we should be more self aware about our own population.
Humans are intelligent, but are we really not smart enough to see that we are ruining our only home? There are so many great post here talking about how we play god to make our species live longer and grow. But apprently we are all still slaves to our primative instincts to avoid death of our own kind and reproduce uncontrollably. If we were so intelligent why can't we see through our "human rights" and ethical disputes for the greater good.
One of the best abilities humans have (that viruses dont) is communicating to the masses and reaching out to billions at a time. Let's choose the right path and prove our intellegence as a species so hopefully one day we discover new planets and venture out like tiny viruses spreading from host to host....instead of killing our only home :-)
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2021.09.20 04:24 UpsideNoob You can't deny it. It's 100% relatable.

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2021.09.20 04:24 swa0987 Chilean Salads 🇨🇱

I meant to make this post yesterday on Chile's independence day but oh well 🤷 I got too busy. Anyways I was talking with someone else on here a while ago about Chilean food being unknown outside of Chile and thought I would share two cheap, healthy, and simple salad recipes.
Ensenada Chilena: This is one of the quintessential Chilean dishes, served super often.
Ingredients: tomato, onion, salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil
Slice tomatoes in strips (seeds removed). Slice onion (doesn't matter too much but usually white onion) in strips as well. Ypu should have about equal amounts of onion and tomatoes. Add a sprinkle of white or red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of olive oil, salt and pepper, and mix so that the veggies are coated.
Celery salad:
Ingredients: celery, radish, avocado, salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil.
Chop the non-tough part of the celery into little pieces like crescent moons. Thinly slice the radish. Dice the avocado. Sprinkle on the salt and pepper and lemon juice and oil, and toss it up to coat everything.
Apologies for the vagueness, I don't really know how much stalks of celery or whatever since I don't really use a recipe when I make it, but the basic ratio is that you want to have the celery be the main event with a little accent of the radish and the avocado.
Hope some of y'all try these out and enjoy a new cuisine!
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2021.09.20 04:24 Digazabossplug1 Ilikemoneybye 🤪🥵🔥package with updated vids and pics 🤤 DM if y’all want it 💵 💵💵‼️

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2021.09.20 04:24 stressedemu can someone please explain EMPTY PLANE E9S for me from a melee pov?

i have watched soooo many videos, i have been dragged through a clear, i have even resorted to written guides, and i just DO NOT UNDERSTAND where i am supposed to rotate. this mechanic has caused me stress and i even had to unsub for a month due to it. i am struggling!,
i go to marker i was assigned pre pull, told i was wrong.
i go south/south west of boss, told i was wrong.
like i don't get it??
i know 99 percent of the fight except for the positioning for this mechanic. i wasn't lucky enough to get my BIS for my 1 clear so now i am stuck in hell and i feel so bad.
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2021.09.20 04:24 AtomicFungi What do you think is the most powerful weapon to ever exist from the real world or any fictional world?

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2021.09.20 04:24 princesspyon Looking for: Graduate Math Tutor (Advanced Math) P1000-1500 per hour

Hi I need someone who's taking a masters degree in Math or who took a masters in Math to tutor in a few examples in Advanced Numerical Methods (graduate school level). Just need to explain how to do some examples to me. No need for drilled-down very specific concepts and theories. Around 1-2 hours every other week is good.
Time is flexible so any time that he/she is available.
I'm willing to pay. Idk how much this normally costs but I'm thinking around P1000-1500 per hour. But if your rate is higher, maybe we can negotiate!
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2021.09.20 04:24 UniqueNick04 ITAKY is about Love Everyone

Everyone is aware that Ye's intro is about him contemplating with leaving his music career behind, but not a lot of people put it into context. I Thought About Killing You is not him considering killing his career, it's him reflecting on it.
My theory is that Kanye is directly refering to the initial concept he had for Love Everyone, which was likely going to be made in order to destroy his career, on purpose. Kanye has done a lot of dodgy stuff before, but Love Everyone is the only time something as insane as DJKS could've even been considered for release.
Ye didn't just think about killing Kanye West and destroying his legacy, he almost did.
This causes me to also theorize that OG Love Everyone was intended to make Kanye incredibly controversial, unapproachable, and get him dropped or even blackballed. I think he might've felt that pushing everyone away was the only way he could find peace for himself.
Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.
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2021.09.20 04:24 UFCLulu Do it

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2021.09.20 04:24 Lumberjacklord Should non nuclear nations be free to develop nuclear weapons and they see fit?

I would say no because it will trigger an arms race. For example Israel got nukes that they helped developed along side south Africa and now Iran is very close to developing nukes now and NK, a nation which can't even feed their own people got nukes, Saudi Arabia reportedly getting help from Pakistan to develop their own nukes. And with America not looking good because of Trump and Afghanistan other country are starting to think about their own nuclear weapons because why would you put your country's security in another country. Who knows if North Korea can do it then why not a 3rd world unstable country linked to terrorist getting their hand on a Nuke. We could see a mushroom cloud over a major city, this will go bad fast. The nations will nukes will not give them up because it makes no strategic sense, specially Russia since besides that, Russia would fall in a war with NATO, their population centers are right on NATOs borders and it's flat. Anyways I need to cut this rant short, what do you guys think?
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2021.09.20 04:24 BayAreaSwitch [Homemade] Canned Summer Tomato Sauce and Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce

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2021.09.20 04:24 Aggravating_Beach111 (M4M) Looking for fun

Might be the wrong place to ask but had to try, I’m a resident of jc who’s looking to try something new. Like giving someone to give head so if you’re interested hmu. Lol
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2021.09.20 04:24 SnooRegrets1548 Someone dropped M.Brown and I picked him up quick after week and the same with tony pollard feeling good!

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2021.09.20 04:24 lildevilturca My Medusa made by Gastón Schiano- Argentina- Buenos Aires.

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2021.09.20 04:24 Apprehensive_Jello39 My neighbour’s pissed i buy tiles near him.Is there no way to get rid of the tiles without war now?

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